Chinese New Year 2017

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Been drinking most days. Not super heavy since Kaia was born. But enough to make me feel lethargic and lousy in the morns. Been to the in-laws twice for dinner and such. It has been lovely to spend time with my new daughter. I would include a picture but they never work on WordPress.

Just in case it works :


Coffee n beer

Starbucks Gold member….Back of the net! I think. I hit gold…………At least at Bucks. The benefits? We will see.

Johnnie Walker Green

48% Only made for Taiwan. Apparently production outside of Taiwan of the standard Green has now stopped, and it is growing scarce again. Looking forward to this….The gem of the JW series in my opinion. I also picked up some Glenmorangie. Great scotch. Much better than I remember.

Kaia Iris Murfin

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The name of my baby. I love her more than life. I can’t begin to tell the world how wonderful she is.

I had a baby!

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My daughter Kaia Iris Murfin. She was born on Saturday 4.08 am on the 3rd of December, and I can’t stop sitting and looking at her. I would put up a pic but it would just end up being an empty box as pics don’t save on WordPress for some reason.

This and that…..Dr. Strange and Starbucks…..

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Watched Dr. Strange – Genuinely enjoyed it. Sure it was a little ridiculous….made little sense at times and overly reliant on special effects that borrowed heavily from Inception. But he is one of the few Marvel characters with a personality and is watchable as a stand alone character, not needing an entourage…….Which, sadly he will probably receive soon as the Marvel world morphs around him. Also he actually looks a lot like the comic book character. Something movie producers should take note of when giving every random Hollywood star a hero to play. Top fun!

Trees are up in Buck’s. They have dug out the toffee nut latte again for the 400th time. Am I the only one that misses the Cinnamon one they did ten years back? Yet to see the second one. Please not another white chocolate cranberry mocha…….

Lastly, the eternal question – It’s been a long time since I was back in the UK and even longer since I was a kid. Question to all those back home. Is eating banana sandwiches weird? My wife finds the whole concept bizarre. It could be the norm or it could have just been us. Is it strange?

November in Taipei

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Cooler last few days. Quite nice really. Don’t get me wrong I know the hot days can coming back as soon as they leave. Indeed it isn’t uncommon to have a blazing hot day mid December over here. But today marked the first day I actually wore a tracksuit top. I had yesterday off and because of that got overly drunk on Monday night on Kirin and Budweiser. Enjoyed every drop of it though. Between footy on Eleven Sports, some Halloween GTA action and some classic flicks, I enjoyed myself well into the night. I now find myself on Wednesday watching Stoke vs Swansea ( I avoid the results to enable a steady flow of games right into the week) and chill in the cool air.


Other things of note –

Still enjoying Spotify.

Mate Paul is in Japan so I am not playing as much GTA racing. Just one or two races a night if I can find. Loving the stunt editor also.

My baby is due in 5 weeks roughly.

Still loving Japanese lager and avidly scower the local shops for imports.

Still loving stir fry.

Still loving Kid Castle.

That is all 🙂

Autumn in Taipei

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The weather is changing now. The days are cooler and the Halloween decorations are up in my school. At the local Wellcome you can buy the rarely seen western style pumpkins also. I now order hot coffee at Starbucks and kids have started to roll into school in jackets. Some even coats already. I love it when it is cooler in this country. Kaia will appear in this glorious world at least in a cool month. She will also have a December birthday. A curse in the west but here I think it is cool as Christmas is not really celebrated( well they sort of do but not the actual day).

Facebook blurbs from recent days :

Football –

When Kante moved to Chelsea I really thought he wasn’t up to it. How wrong I was . I think he is their best player…Other than the beast Costa.

The whole Rooney debate rages on but there is one obvious answer to why he has become so ordinary. He was playing Premier league football at 16. That is 14 years ago now. Sure he is only 30 but that is still 14 years at the top. Most players get ten at best. If he came thru the ranks like Jesse Lingard for example at 23 years old, he would have to go until he was 37 to stay at the top. I just think he has topped out and is heading down like all players do. The difference is he started earlier.

The trouble with football nowadays is that every SINGLE result proves or disproves a theory or an idea that something is right or wrong. Arsenal take a hammering? Then Wenger is past it and Arsenal should get a new manager despite 20 years of success. Chelsea lose? Conte was a mistake and Chelsea need to look to make big changes. The opposite of the above and Wenger is right all along and is on the right track. Chelsea win and Conte is building towards an epic Chelsea team………………………..


Music –

You know when you hear a one hit wonder or an epic hit from the eighties. The kind of song a band does just ONCE in a lifetime. The kind of song that puts a band on the map. A band like Del Amitri. One of those bands that get into your heart. This band does this. They have that epic 80s feel…Yet they have a sad, romantic side to them. Absolute perfection : Talking about Red Earth and pouring rain by Bear’s Den.

Typhoon madness

Would love to know who decides whether it is a typhoon day off or not. The amount of times we get a day off and there a mild breeze blowing. Today I literally can’t see past a wall of wind and rain and we are expected to work…..



Chilling before 10/10 / Taiwan’s birthday

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Round about 11 years ago me and Gareth rolled up to this sunny island. I doubt we had a clue about 10/10 then. I also doubt we realised we would be here 11 years later. Happy birthday Taiwan. I will probably drink too much beer over the next day or two but hey…yolo. Kidding I hate people that say YOLO. Spent last night drinking beer and playing some biker missions on gta5. The wife is getting big now so she spends her time sitting on the chair. Life is good but is about to change around December 🙂