Back still aches now and again

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9 months and counting. It’s better, but by no means 100%. Kaia is 2 now. God, time flies. She can talk some basic sentences and knows quite a few words. Right now she is watching The Wheels on the Bus in my ps4 room . She also likes Pepper Pig and Twinkle Twinkle. We got her a Pepper Pig cake and went to Fridays with the mother in law and brother in law. Half the family didn’t go for various reasons ( family fued). I realise now it is these inocuous posts that my blog has been missing. Stuff I did when Kaia was 1. Or when I first landed in TW. “Oh yeh, I used to eat that, or go there or do that”. I spent a long time posting COD stuff which has no meaning to me years later. Indeed I then had a barren patch in which I didn’t post at all. I need to rectify this.


Bullet point notes –

  • Tree has been up since mid Nov
  • Had thanksgiving in Gies again, much like last year. Me Gareth and Jody. This year Kaia was able to eat the soup, bread and turkey etc.
  • Back into whiskey. Jody got me some The Singleton of Dufftown and it has all started again…Hehe.
  • Still loving Super Dry.
  • The new house is better than the last. Brighter, happier and a bigger balcony. I still miss Yong-He a lot. I really loved that house but we couldn’t live there with Kaia. The rent was almost none existant tho. I saved so much. If I still lived there and hadn’t spent my savings on my back I would have a good nest egg. As it stands I lose money every month and have taken a huge amount from my savings. When Kaia goes to school it will be worse.


Ok, that is enough complaining for now. I have an interview at ANL school on Sunday at 11 to see whether I can get weekend tutoring / teaching. Fingers crossed. Weekend drinking tho…..Nope. Jody is having a bike ride on Sat. So now more than 2-3 beers till next weekend….Which is the Xmas weekend. I will miss the snow on GTA on Xmas eve as we will celebrate. It is the first year that Ryan won’t there unfortunately. I genuinely miss that guy. What a hero.


Update 2018

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Wow. Long time. I have come off the back of  a serious back injury. Started in March and is juuuuust about better now. Just. I won’t harp on about it.

Back to work after being back in the UK. Had serious jet lag for a few days but got over it. Kaia is STILL getting over it. Going to bed at 2 am and waking at 10 am…..Again I wont go into it.


Notes –


  • Still working at Kid Castle
  • Due to being off work I am looking for Saturday work. JOY messaged me could be good. I don’t want to work Saturday but hey. Has to be done.
  • Holidays aye……Started with back aches, leading to serious jet lag. Leading to heartache. I hope the wife had a good time despite all the shite and that Kaia can at least take away some positives. ( commenting on my holiday)
  • Summer time in Northumberland, it’s cooler and has been raining …but it’s still nice…Kaia walked around the village and she saw real chickens etc..she loves it( yeah that’s what I assume…)..had a MASSIVE home grown cucumber and she still managed it….lol… (Jody’s comments about UK trip )
  • Mike Ashley says he is being treated as a ‘pantomime villain’ over his running of Newcastle — and that a parliamentary petition against him led to employees of his companies receiving ‘unprecedented’ levels of abuse, harassment and intimidation.(chatting about Newcastle)


That is all for now. I hope I have a fitter better 2019 and that being 41 is better than being 40. On a bright note Kaia and Jody are doing great.

Kaia is one!

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Yes, amazing. One year since she was born. She is sitting in the living room right now crawling around at high speed. It is Saturday and the weather is cold and wet. I had to stay in this morn with Kaia as Jody is out bike riding for her companies president.


Other things of note –

  • Still enjoying eleven sports Premier league
  • Set up my ps3 in living room so I can play BOPSII zombies
  • Still racing in GTA
  • Leeds made a good start to the season but faded
  • Had some toothache recently
  • GTA are releasing the Doomsday DLC….Is it the swansong for GTA?
  • Loving spotify still
  • Like this new house but it is much colder than Jong-He
  • Rereading Harry Potter again. Just about to finish The Goblet of Fire
  • Ordered our turkey again from the Garden hotel


That is all!

Just checking in

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It is mid November and I haven’t blogged in a while. All is well. Kaia is 11.5 months old and I love her to bits. Still playing GTA 5 and working at Kid Castle. That is all for now 🙂

Pond-Der-Ring II

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GTA Race – Lonesome Days on PS4

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“But anyway, I answered for 20 years the question, ‘the top four is nothing special’. So I don’t know why suddenly it could become such a big problem……

Lol, it is if you want to get a huge ton of cash and attract the best players in Europe over your rivals.
Arsene should know more than anyone what a struggle it is to bring in top players to a team that is now widely regarded as a fringe team in the Championship race. The two world class players Arsenal possess are constantly on the brink of leaving or contract collapse. CL football is needed not just for the cash but for the prestige that attracts ( and keeps ) big names.


Wenger’s new opinion on finishing in top 4.


Why is it every 20 washes or so clothes come out smelling of old cabbages? Can I name it the cabbage effect?


The cabbage effect.


I love 80’s movies. No matter how many I watch more seem to creep out of the woodwork. This time it is fatal Beauty with Whoopie Goldberg. God, the music, the clothes, the neon lights…..The atmosphere.


Drinking and watching TV late.


KAIA! …I bet this image is a box in maybe 1 year.


Eventually picked up a good phone. Compared to the average kid in my class with an I Phone of course my Sony XA is a pile of poo. But, that said. Finally I can watch a decent sized screen and when I see a sunset or beautiful horizon I can capture it.


Almost fully settled in new house. Sure it is more draughty (yes spellcheck it is a word), the toilet and shower are not as good and the back door mosquito net is a little skewed. The rent is also higher. Oh and it takes longer to get to work…..But, despite what I said. It is great. Much more spacious and livable. All of our stuff now fits comfortably. We have some great places nearby and there air is fresh and clean. It even feels cool inside on hot days. I also have a ton of back street parks to explore with a beer late at night. My running / exercise schedule has been refreshed also. If I was Jody Wang Murfin now I would put a link up to both new and old houses alongside one another but I can’t be bothered. I will let her do that. Oh and we have our own white goods meaning we don’t have to wait for a lazy landlord to fix anything.


My life is great right now. Loving my coffee ( despite drinking from the big bad chain store …Bucks). Enjoying scotch/bourbon again in moderation…………two semi large glasses a night in bed whilst watching old episodes of Crimewatch on Youtube is OK yeh? Job is as fun as ever. My wife and kid complete the rosy mosaic of likes and loves! But…………… disaster ……..Just had my first bad can of Super Dry in maybe 10 years. Tasted fruity and off with not a hint of wheaty crispness. If Asahi started production outside of Japan my life would probably be 5% worse than it is now. No exaggeration…………………


First world problems.