Video games and bike rides

Sunday night and I am contemplative. I love my weekends but I can’t help feeling there is more to do than getting drunk and eating Japanese / Chinese food and walking around Taipei City till late………………….
Been a weird few days. Not felt especially great. Friday we went for a late night bike ride to Bitan and I was exhausted. I felt like I had cycled for miles. Had a big can of Miller a Van Pur Polish beer and a couple of small boys and I woke with a headache which lasted all day! Saturday we walked around Ximending looking for a J for Jody’s office ( long story). Today Jody had to work so I basically played capture the flag all day on and off on Battlefield 4. We did have another bike ride after Jody got back. I also had a light jog later on. I now sit with a sore throat and hope this is a mild virus that won’t get worse.
Black Flag will arrive in the post from my parents soon enough with some Boss Bottled. Add that to the 200ml bottle of CK Be I picked up for cheap yesterday and the plethora of PSN games for August – Fez, Road not taken ( ps4 ) and Crysis 3 and Fez for the PS3. Not to mention the indy titles and I have enough cologne and games to last for months.
The tour of Poland has been on most nights.I really love the cycling on Eurosport has a great atmosphere. Good when drinking or even when using the exercise bike. After that the Tour of Yutah is on. Great atmos. Makes you wonder why there aren’t more big races in the USA. Bigger roads and more open space. Saves having to close down key roads in Italy/France etc.
Last night I watched Dead man down with Colin Farrell. Solid movie with a dark edge to it. Just now I watched Kalifornia with Brad Pitt and David Duchovny. A movie I have managed to avoid for years but finally saw it. Overall not bad at all.
At the end of the week me and Jody will go to Sun Moon Lake for the first time ( for me anyway hehe) and stay a couple of days as a little holiday. Hopefully we can ride around so I don’t feel like my exercise regime is destroyed by beer and fried food. I am getting to the point where I feel thinner and more comfortable in the heat. Despite Friday and Saturday setting me back I am slowly getting there.Now all I need is a haircut. Given my hair is down the middle as I get older it starts to hang over both sides and I worry it looks like I am doing a comb over Bobby Charlton look.
On a football note. Southampton continue to sell without buying. They should take the ton of cash they have and bring in hungry players who are sitting idle at big clubs. Players like Rodwell, Sinclair, Crouch and Zaha should technically all be available for low cost and would be great additions to the team.
Taipei still 24 hour?….times are a changing. We went to get fried chicken at 1 am and everything was shut! I mean literally everything. In a country that’s main attraction is that I can buy food from a vendor at 4 am this is a worrying sign. If this is the future then even seven elevens will shut by 5……….I might as well live in the UK and be struggling around for a stale pie by closing time…..thank god 7’s and Family Mart’s are open 24 hour or we would be ordering Mars bars in Shell garages under metal shutters………..
Anyway off to bed with Harry Potter on my Kindle.


~ by richardpmurfin on August 11, 2014.

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