Took a day off to chill out

Yes, I do feel guilty now and again. Taking a day off seems like something you should do when your dying. No I wasn’t dying, but I just felt run down. Now that I have an APRC in Taiwan ( my own working visa ) I can do things I wouldn’t have done once. I don’t feel like I am held over a barrel in regard to my work visa in Taiwan.  So I laid in bed. Then went for a walk in the park. Had some coffee. Played some video games. Watched tv. I generally slobbed around ….and guess what . I don’t regret it at all. I also feel more refreshed. Part of the blame is too much beer on the weekend. Part is just life . I won’t blame my heavy work schedule as it isn’t uhmmmm very heavy hehe. This is my 3rd blog of the day ,  I could get used to this life, sitting around and blogging all day. Just need more human traffic on this site. I guess 128k isn’t bad at all tho. I do realise 99% of that was Modern Warfares gun damage chart of course. My tech info related to the Xbox was also to get traffic , I don’t deny it. But I genuinely found it thru being interested and assume others want to know also.

I now sit watching a rerun of PSG vs Dynamo from the champions league with a cup of English tea. On the pitch there is a player called Dudu ( no explanation needed ) and Nene ( sounds like naynay which in Chinese means boobs) . What are the chances……

I am still reading dawnthief and enjoying it thoroughly. On Saturday we went to Ximending and just drank too much. That was despite a positive start of a quiet Taiwan beer and some friend crab in a stir fry place. That led to Frankie’s Pies in Dinxy and a few Tsingtao’s , which led to too many beers in the gay area near the Red Theatre in Taipei City. I then drank a few quiet ones on Saturday night playing Zombies in Black ops with Chris McMullan. Zombies Tranzit really is fun, there is no other word for it . But DAMN it’s hard work.

Christmas is coming fast and I really anticipate it happily despite having no holiday. I can smell Jody’s curry now..very oniony …….Bye all!


~ by richardpmurfin on December 3, 2012.

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