Chilling in the Haugh

It’s just great to do nothing here. Nice coffee on hand at any time. Sky tv. Fresh air outside. Beer in the fridge and food in the freezer. Liverpool vs Everton kicks off in 20 minutes . I havent got a lot to blog as I havent done much. I’ll go for a run when Jody and my mam get back from Tesco. I think we will go to the pub later also. If I’m honest though sitting and doing nothing in Stonehaugh is good for me. If I lived here however I think I’d go insane.

Drink : I miss dilute drinks such as Robinsons. They arent popular in Taiwan as not only would you need dilute but also bottled water. I guess it’s a hassle. I also miss Pepsi max. I have been on the ale tonight and was quite impressed with the Hobgoblin but found the Black Sheep to be a bitter ale. Tomorrow I’ll try and find a local ale when we are out.

Football : After the Carlos Tevez affair I can’t see there being any real solution. West ham have tried to cheekily loan him but that’s out for now.

Travel : I am spending a lot of money and after drinking in Dublin I really cant see me being able to do much more than smaller trips and indeed our planned trip to Harrogate. We’ll see . Time does creep up tho. Before I know it will be time to go back and I’ll be working. I love Taiwan so much though that It really doesnt bother me. Indeed when I get back I have a month to practice mw2 before the epic mw3 comes out.

TV : Friends is now on comedy central which is good for now but we dont have it in Taiwan anyway. Watched Rise of the planet of the apes tonight. Was decent ( despite being a cinema copy) and I can forsee many a sequel to come and cash in on this novel prequel.

Music : I keep hearing about new bands I’ve never heard of like ‘you me at 6’ I guess it’s more obvious than ever I’ve been living in a bubble heh.


~ by richardpmurfin on October 1, 2011.

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