November in Taipei

Cooler last few days. Quite nice really. Don’t get me wrong I know the hot days can coming back as soon as they leave. Indeed it isn’t uncommon to have a blazing hot day mid December over here. But today marked the first day I actually wore a tracksuit top. I had yesterday off and because of that got overly drunk on Monday night on Kirin and Budweiser. Enjoyed every drop of it though. Between footy on Eleven Sports, some Halloween GTA action and some classic flicks, I enjoyed myself well into the night. I now find myself on Wednesday watching Stoke vs Swansea ( I avoid the results to enable a steady flow of games right into the week) and chill in the cool air.


Other things of note –

Still enjoying Spotify.

Mate Paul is in Japan so I am not playing as much GTA racing. Just one or two races a night if I can find. Loving the stunt editor also.

My baby is due in 5 weeks roughly.

Still loving Japanese lager and avidly scower the local shops for imports.

Still loving stir fry.

Still loving Kid Castle.

That is all 🙂


~ by richardpmurfin on November 3, 2016.

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