Autumn in Taipei

The weather is changing now. The days are cooler and the Halloween decorations are up in my school. At the local Wellcome you can buy the rarely seen western style pumpkins also. I now order hot coffee at Starbucks and kids have started to roll into school in jackets. Some even coats already. I love it when it is cooler in this country. Kaia will appear in this glorious world at least in a cool month. She will also have a December birthday. A curse in the west but here I think it is cool as Christmas is not really celebrated( well they sort of do but not the actual day).

Facebook blurbs from recent days :

Football –

When Kante moved to Chelsea I really thought he wasn’t up to it. How wrong I was . I think he is their best player…Other than the beast Costa.

The whole Rooney debate rages on but there is one obvious answer to why he has become so ordinary. He was playing Premier league football at 16. That is 14 years ago now. Sure he is only 30 but that is still 14 years at the top. Most players get ten at best. If he came thru the ranks like Jesse Lingard for example at 23 years old, he would have to go until he was 37 to stay at the top. I just think he has topped out and is heading down like all players do. The difference is he started earlier.

The trouble with football nowadays is that every SINGLE result proves or disproves a theory or an idea that something is right or wrong. Arsenal take a hammering? Then Wenger is past it and Arsenal should get a new manager despite 20 years of success. Chelsea lose? Conte was a mistake and Chelsea need to look to make big changes. The opposite of the above and Wenger is right all along and is on the right track. Chelsea win and Conte is building towards an epic Chelsea team………………………..


Music –

You know when you hear a one hit wonder or an epic hit from the eighties. The kind of song a band does just ONCE in a lifetime. The kind of song that puts a band on the map. A band like Del Amitri. One of those bands that get into your heart. This band does this. They have that epic 80s feel…Yet they have a sad, romantic side to them. Absolute perfection : Talking about Red Earth and pouring rain by Bear’s Den.

Typhoon madness

Would love to know who decides whether it is a typhoon day off or not. The amount of times we get a day off and there a mild breeze blowing. Today I literally can’t see past a wall of wind and rain and we are expected to work…..




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