New stunt dlc to hit tonight.

Super hot, so much so I had chest pains 0n Sunday when out with bike.

Premier league kicks off soon….dunno why I am bothered Leeds are still in the Championship…hehe.

Olympics is about to start. Having millions of people go to Rio in the midst of the Zika virus and then return home to every respective country in the world is like the plot of a bad outbreak movie. I say bad because the writers would be like ‘Nah, that isn’t plausible, they wouldn’t hold an event in such circumstances’.

Thought about getting a new phone. Is society so fooled by marketing that people believe they need a 25,000nt / 600 pound phone just to get through daily life? My current phone is decent and can do everything I want but needs a new volume button. I was thinking…yeh maybe 8-10,000nt….But 25k…for what? Slightly faster with a slightly better camera inside. People believing they need the latest phone has pushed the prices beyond exorbitant……..I think I will endure a dodgy button until technology becomes cheap again.
What made the whole process worse was the wife had to say in the shop that he wants a phone that isn’t special at all ( a sure fire way to lose any interest from the staff)…and then they thumb thru a dusty manual and proffer ONE option at the back for 15k and say it isn’t in stock …….all the time slightly disgusted at the fact that I am not buying one for half a months wages. When in reality the guy that works there couldn’t even afford to buy any of the phones on show unless he signed his life away to some overpriced contract……in which the phone breaks long before you break even by how much you ‘save’.


Good luck to big Sam. I hope he can invoke the same spirit he had at Bolton. Because let’s be fair he hasn’t done that much since then really.

 Juventus can’t lose with this Pogba deal. 100 million and they say yes, they have 100mil. 100 mil and they say no, they have a player who is young, talented and can be sold at any time in the future for probably more.

Newcastle midfielder Moussa Sissoko hopes he can get a move to the Premier League after deciding he wants to leave St James’ Park.

….Good luck to the lad. I just hope he turns up for more than one game in five for his new club. 35 million for a player who rarely plays his potential. All I can assume is that most of the clubs in the hunt have very short memories and can’t remember past the France vs Portugal final.

Eleven sports to show the Premier league for the whole year for less than an hours wage?….Yes, please!


That’s all for now folks. Off for a Starbucks.


~ by richardpmurfin on August 2, 2016.

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