Mid-July in Taipei

Hot aye? Yeh, you guess it. We have now reached mid July. A time for typhoons, terrifying heat and time off. I say time off because my schedule takes dips and dives randomly over the summer period. The kids are hyper and can barely sit down at times. Any excess energy is burned between the few English classes they have and Chinese class is long forgotten with their uniforms. I do enjoy the summer ( apart from those sweaty nights).

I spend my time after school playing GTA as usual . Still chipping away at the Witcher and every now and again I dig out Rocket league for shits n giggles.

After discovering eleven sports while watching the Euros I plan to watch it every week now during the season. The Premier league package is an amazing 690nt a season…less than an hours wage! 3 Prem games, as well as other games and the FA cup. Great stuff.

I drink a lot of Starbucks over the summer period and I am addicted to the Red eye. Iced coffee of the day with an extra shot. Some of the sandwiches and Bucks are lacking still tho….yesterday the lettuce was brown.

My unborn babe is 18 weeks. Fingers crossed. I don’t like to write about it as I don’t want to curse it. Love you already xxx.

Still plugging away with my exercise even in the heat. That said I sit here at 12.22 hung over after drinking beer and watching the horror flick – Dark was the night. It was ok I suppose…not a bad atmos.

Beer. Recently I have burned thru all the Family Mart summer beers like Pilsner Urquell. I then moved onto the 7-11 summer beers ( Greene King and Hobgoblin)….I am not all the way back to Super Dry and Kirin hehe..oh and they do Sapporo Premium at Family mart also ( selected ones)……that is enough geeky talk about beer.

Still slowly reading the witcher. I really need some new reading material.

Birthday next week. Normally I am excited about the night out…..but this time I might keep it low key….39!!!!!! God. Drink in no4 park and stir fry I reckon.

That is all for now. Chow!


~ by richardpmurfin on July 16, 2016.

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