Friday off for typhoon

Stayed up super late last night as I knew it was a typhoon day off. I found myself strangely missing one of my classes. Not all obviously but one or two kids that I like hehe.

Typhoon chat yesterday :

Typhoon day. Perhaps 3-5 hours trapped in the house TOPS. So what happens hundreds of idiots pack the local stores like a nuclear war is about to strike and they need a years supply for their bunkers. I really don’t understand the mentality of people at times.


My take on the accidental firing of a missile by Taiwan that nearly started a world war :

If that missile had hit the corner of China say Xiamen. Then there is a very real possibility it could have caused a catastrophic retaliation. The mind boggles as to how it could happen and how there wasn’t an abort button. If it had hit China there is a very real chance that I wouldn’t be here to post this message.

Football chat

Yes, I am still reeling from the Euros and every now and again I post about England’s demise. Here are a collection of my thoughts from recently :

Initial comment post match –

I can’t blame one person in the England camp but I can have a stab at blaming a few so here goes –
Sterling – Woeful. Absolutely awful. His shooting passing and crossing were terrible. He didn’t beat a man all tournament. How can he be an inside forward if he can’t beat a man? How can he be a striker if he can’t finish? Lastly if he is regarded as a winger then how can he be a winger if he can’t cross?
Wilshere – He should not have been there. He is a good player but he was not fit at all.
Rooney – Had a decent couple of games, but he is no longer the talisman he was and doesn’t look captain material. If we are to move toward a new generation we have to phase out the old. Rooney was decent in the low pressure games but panicked and fired balls everywhere when under pressure.
Hart – He has been to blame for at least two goals. We don’t have anyone better but he could have stopped the second goal……again tho, it is hard to blame Hart for how crap we were as a unit.
I’d love to blame Hodgeson, but I am not even sure I can. England are a cursed team. On paper even the crap players like Sterling cost a packet…yet they do nothing.

On the upside

Walker and Rose were our most positive players. They and Dier came out of this tournament with positives.


I would like to have seen Barkley play a game or two.

In reaction to Icelandic comments :

I like how the Iceland players have said that we thought it would be a walk in the park. Lol, they don’t know us very well. Nothing is every a walk in the park for us and we know it. Indeed if the squad decided to take a walk in the park I am sure somehow we’d get beat at it.


Post France vs Iceland :

Looking at the way France took apart Iceland it makes me think what could have happened in an alternate reality. A reality where Hodgeson had matched the formations ( 442) and then said ‘ok lads go at em, give them no respect and treat this like a qualifier’. Indeed there is so much talk of England not respecting Iceland….I think the opposite. Given the way we froze against players the equivalent of 3rd tier in the league , it proved we gave them too MUCH respect. The only player who didn’t was a player who hasn’t had time to realise that when you don the England shirt you must play negative terrible stuff….and that was Rashford. Did France show respect when they surged forward for the fourth goal in the first half? ..I don’t think so. This is not a slight on Iceland at all. They deserved to beat us fair and square. But my point is it said more about our attitude than the Icelanders ability. The next manager needs to be able to get inside the heads of the players and tell them to wake up and get on with it and not to be afraid. A player who can still remember being on the pitch. My vote is for Eddie Howe.

Looking to the future with England :

So many ‘solutions’. By the pundits. I have watched every vid from : Kids not having respect, grass route problems, fear, tactically inept, no leaders. To say it’s just one of those problems is rash. I think there are a million factors and no one is quite sure why. I do think we need a manager that can remember being on the pitch and get inside their heads when they start to look like scared rabbits ( which happens when the pressure hits us in tournaments). On a personal note in regard to the Iceland game. Roy should have said when they ran out against Iceland ‘let’s play this like a qualifier or a Prem game…relax and get on with it’. There was talk of giving them no respect. We gave them TOO much respect, we were scared of losing.

Attitude? :

People say we are overrated and think too much of our team. We have beaten 3 of the 4 semi finalists recently. Our problem is how we perform in a tournament not how good we are on paper.

Leeds chat :

No offence to Bournemouth but Jesus…..Lewis Cook the best young talent in the Championship (and the Leeds team) lost to a team who are a hundredth the size of Leeds. I don’t even want to hear the fee I bet it’s like 1 million or something horrendous. If I hear the phrase ‘The Bournemouth wonderkid’ next season I will have to start taking out eyeballs. They better stack on some % buy-on fees and a buy back for when we hit the Prem.


Finally :

Anyway France beat Germany last night so onwards and upwards ….Lets hope France stuff Portugal. France have risen to the occasion and have been a treat to watch. Portugal on the other hand……..

















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