Beers of the summer! Django unchained / England out / GTA / Witcher

Always the connoisseur of beers. The summertime brings out a plethora of world beers into Taiwan. RT Mart. Carrefour, Wellcome and even the local shops like 7-11 and Family Mart vie for customers who are keen to drink in the summer. So what have I been on so far? 7-11 have Greene King IPA and a decent Hobgoblin.. Family Mart have some decent Japanese lagers in and the legendary Pilsner Urquell…( had a few of them already). Wellcome have some decent Euro ones and selected Carrefours have English ales. I still however find myself going back to the classic Super Dry and Kirin Ichiban on those steamy hot summer nights.

I now sit hungover watching Django unchained while the thunder rolls outside. I plan to exercise later when I get my sorry ass in gear.


Still into GTA after three years. Me and Paul tend to play most nights and do some fun drinking GTA races on the weekend….And I am still chipping away at the Witcher. Finally reaching Skellige and enjoying every last drop of the atmosphere. Great stuff.


England were woeful again in the Euros. I won’t bang on about it but Iceland made us to look terribly normal. The torch is being carried by Wales now.


The summer schedule is starting on Monday and I will get Tuesday off to ride around Taipei and enjoy the summer heat. The heat is on right now and when it’s not baking hot it’s raining cats and dogs.


Been a glut of marvel ones recently. Watched Captain America 3 which was good. Deadpool which was ok. Avengers 2 which is decent. Ant man…also solid. I could bang on and review them but I can’t be bothered.






~ by richardpmurfin on July 2, 2016.

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