England win next game …onto the third match

Yes, so we beat Wales just. Now onto Slovakia and a draw will be enough. It is on at 3 am over here so I plan to watch it on Eleven sports the next day. I paid 89nt for Eleven sports not knowing the footy was on MOD. I was convinced it wasn’t gonna be on Taiwan TV so that was a bonus. Anyway it has paid for itself many times over with the ability to pause live TV for Super Dry beer runs to the family mart and with the reruns I can enjoy back at my leisure the next day.

The summer heat has kicked in right now and running is getting increasingly more difficult at no4 park. Some days I just use the exercise bike in the house for an hour and stick the fan on full blast and watch some Playstation Access, Broughy 1322 or indeed some Euro games. On the way back from my run just a bottle of JIm Beam in Chen Lien for 420nt. Now that is a blast from the past. Tempted to grab a bottle …….Ok that is all for now.


~ by richardpmurfin on June 20, 2016.

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