Newcastle are down / No man’s sky soon / GTA DLC is getting worse

Newcastle chat

Yes, they went down. In the end Sunderland deserved it more it has to be said. Although Jermaine Defoe single handedly  did it for them.

Leicester and England chat

What Leicester have done is beyond mind boggling. Absolutely unbelievable. Well deserved…but unbelievable. I just hope they can hold onto Vardy and co through the summer. More so what they did what  showed character, belief and a great deal of spirit. Hodgeson needs to use that belief in the form of as many Leicester players as he can. As much as I love Sturridge I think Vardy deserves to start. We need that Leicester belief in the camp. Heck, I wish Ranieri would go to and sit in the dugout. Going back to strikers. How often can we say we are going into a big tournament with three high end strikers?

Leeds chat

So we finished smack bang in the middle. Flirted with the playoffs …..teetered toward the relegation and then ended up in mediocrity. What now? Evans has to stay at least for one more season if we are to hope to get some consistency. We have to hold onto players like Cook and Mowatt instead of selling them on for a fraction to some two bit club in the prem. Spend a little ( is that asking too much). Above all though, we need consistency. Cellino argues he wants Leeds to be the biggest club in Europe. Given the decisions he makes he is the primary reason we are not even close to starting such an epic journey. Leicester City have given me a great deal of hope this season tho. I now look forward to the 2016-17 season (perhaps foolishly)…Leeds MOT!

General rant

Considering everyone I meet in this country INSISTS iced drinks are bad for your body, they sure are obsessed with ice. Just had to throw out a 100 dollars worth of coffee onto the pavement because the pre chilled iced coffee was so stacked with ice it tasted like gloopy water. Why ice it up then add ice? The word diluted doesn’t cut it. Same goes for scotch and even beer ( yes, they put ice in beer sometimes). Surely Bucks should realise that people want to taste the coffee they are drinking?…….Note to self, order a Red eye next time or just drink Volvic.





~ by richardpmurfin on May 13, 2016.

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