FB Blurbs from Jan to February

When did the term thigh gap become so popular? I hate buzz words that people use to be cool, I hate the way they catch on and everyone has to be seen to be saying them. Stuff like ‘you salty?’, ‘I am jelly’……If I hear anyone using those words in real life I properly rip them for 10 minutes.

On popular phrases nowadays.

Part 2 of my UK postings smile emoticon : Don’t even get me started on the UK news and political situation. I literally couldn’t watch the news without feeling stressed, guilty, worried and helpless. The way the news is represented in the UK is incredible. Constantly banging on about money ( or lack of it) : Pensions,the EU, the NHS and the collapse of the economy. Then there is immigration and crime to name a couple more things. I don’t know how the average Joe can watch it. I was literally left feeling drained after every news report. I realise people could post on here below something along the lines of ‘that’s life!’…which is fair enough , but if life in the UK is having to worry and deal with the whole of Europe’s problems as well your own day to day problems then I guess I would rather live in blissful ignorance. Maybe I am overreacting and just maybe the way the news is reported in the UK is to seek your attention by showing the worst things. After all most of my UK friends seem to have a great life. No real point here at the end just thinking out loud. Anyway, point is, great holiday!

On the UK news.

Wonderful holiday back in the UK. Great food, drink and company. Thanks toGraham Murfin and Pauline Murfin for making it so great. Sorry to Anna Ellwood for not getting round to seeing you. Next time I promise. Looking back it is quite weird. I felt well and truly at home back in Stonehaugh like I had never been away ……..yet the minute we strayed into the city however..I felt well and truly like a stranger to the culture it’s people. ……..very strange feeling.

On going back to UK














~ by richardpmurfin on March 6, 2016.

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