New Year Snippets!

Comments from in and around the new year 2016


Football banter


I love it how Newcastle keep buying midfielders. ‘Hey Steve, you ever think about buying a striker?’……’No…no…must…buy more midfielders’…….


I don’t claim to be more than an armchair footy fan. But to me it is always apparent when players like Remy and Bony join a huge club that they will NEVER get in the team. Terms like Bony intends to end his City ‘nightmare’ are just a matter of months away from the day they sign. What is worse for these guys is after building up form and reputation at the club that made them they are then sold back to some crap team that they would surely have snubbed months earlier…… and often can’t find any form at all….In essence their ambition ruins their career. You could say hindsight is 20-20 but in these cases it is not that hard to see a decent player playing out of his skin at a smaller club…clearly going out of his depth at a bigger club.


What a night. Despite being knackered from work and not being as enthusiastic as I would have liked. You guys made it very special. Great food, great company and above all great liquor left in my cabinet. Merry xmas all and a happy new year!

(post xmas dinner)




~ by richardpmurfin on January 15, 2016.

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