Christmas blubs

I miss the Sky TV around Christmas. The racing, the footy and such.

( thinking out loud about Christmas TV)

What a night. Despite being knackered from work and not being as enthusiastic as I would have liked. You guys made it very special. Great food, great company and above all great liquor left in my cabinet. Merry xmas all and a happy new year!

(post Christmas party)

i Rich, well it’s the 21st and our wonderful Christmas presents arrived in a box.. Thank you very much to both of you, Dad loves his whiskey and tells me its a ‘special’ thank you for my wonderful spar treatment, We absolutely love the coffee and will keep one of the large bags until you arrive so that you can also enjoy the flavour of it… ohhhh and short bread gorgeous….
Dad also thanks you for his delicious Birthday chocolate cake which we will have to share or he will need trebble the amount of insulin….
We hope you enjoy the gifts we have for you just as much as we love yours.

Mam and Dad


(Mam got her gift from me and Gareth via Tesco)


~ by richardpmurfin on December 26, 2015.

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