Blurbs from December!

List of FB chat for the recent months. More like me thinking out loud…..


Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner : Thursday night (24th of December). Starting later ( due to finishing work late ). You can get there at any time really but the dinner won’t be until after 9pm. Turkey and all the trimmings. All I ask is that you bring alcohol. Wine, beer or spirits are welcome!……..If you bring too much all the better……Gareth Murfin,Eoghain Bellamy,Paul Kemp,Quanmao An,Edward John Lapworth,Ryan Ryin,Cat Diamond……Thursday the 24th.

Upon announcing our yearly xmas dinner at our house. 

England could in theory qualify the group with Wales. Quite looking forward to the Euros!

Upon England being drawn with Wales and Russia for the Euros.

I won’t ever feel sorry for UTD or indeed LVG. But……….But in today’s climate you need to spend a ton just to stay near the top never mind win the league. Teams like Chelsea and City are able to throw money at the problem so other teams unless they are remarkably shrewd also have to do the same. It has taken City years to get to the point where they aren’t kicked out of the CL in an embarrassing for that reason those that are calling for LVG’s head have to realise essentially he had to in essence go back and rebuild his squad not just for the league but for Europe. That said I do agree he does manage to make beautiful footballers play dull football.

Discussing LVG and Utd’s task at hand. 

Super Dry clothing is a vexing one. An English company throwing random Japanese characters onto a flimsy t-shirt and somehow getting away with it. In Taiwan when a kid wear a top that says something like ‘Watch the sport is playful’ it is from a night market..not from a so called high end shop.
Secondly how did Asahi not get a little angry from basically ripping off their main product?…….the phrase ‘Super Dry’ is not really a casually used one and they had cause to ask why use their main products name in the title. If I decided to sell something say an umbrella and called it the ‘Big Mac’ …i’m pretty sure McDonald’s would close me down in seconds.
Ironically now I think to a world market the clothes company is more recognised than the beer. The product is so popular it is getting huge in Taiwan simply because Taiwanese people are obsessed and assume it’s a Japanese brand.

Idle chat about how Superdry clothing have not been sued by Asahi hehe.

Breakfast of porridge and muesli (combined) for a few weeks to balance the intake of beer and Christmas food. I say Christmas food, I basically mean stir fry and yakitori…..maybe a bit of turkey if I am lucky.

Breakfast update. Trying to be healthy.

Monchengladbach have done a superb job of keeping out the mighty Bayern so far. Be great to see an upset here.

On Bayern’s shock defeat last week.

So out of touch am I with the UK music scene that when I catch a UK show I have no idea who the so called ‘cool’ bands they are talking about are….I do catch some new music via Spotify and thankfully there is still good music out there. You just have to search tactically.


On being out of the UK Music loop. 

Love what Leicester have done this season. They have been a flamboyant, confident and attractive side. But I think LVG should draw the line at proffering that they could win the league…..

Idle footy chat. 



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