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General chat from Facebook about my life

Really impressed with Dele Ali and to a lesser extent Dier. Good to see at least one of the bigger teams having an English core and and giving young ones a run in the team (Ryan Mason also). Just need to see Townsend get a run or sold to Newcastle to ensure our first team is in the starting eleven at their respective club.

After watching English internationals Delli Alli and Eric Dier play against France.

After living here ten years I can safely say I have never seen anything like this weather. Got burnt yesterday and it was almost too hot to run……….I like the heat as much as anyone but wouldn’t mind some jumper weather soon…..

After 28 degree weather deep into November!

Gonna put my tree up this week. I don’t care how early it is!

Tree is up firmly in November hehe.

Wife thinks I am nuts. In the middle of a great night I decide to buy a bottle of scotch and retire off home for the night. Firstly The woman in the shop asks if she can have the gold cap off the top and I can save a few dollars on the scotch. Secondly There are huge spelling mistakes on the bottle…’arefully chose’ as opposed to carefully chosen. Also there is no Queens warrant of approval on a so called scotch. Looking back I wonder if she took off the top in case I tried to take it back ..’it’s already open etc’….I poured it into the drain as opposed to going home and potentially drinking something that was fake. Was I being OTT or sensible? When the beer wears off I might be able to think about it more clearly.

On potentially picking up some dodgy scotch from a shop near the night market!

Well into the Premier League. Taiwan TV didn’t rebuy the rights to it. No problem I will watch Cycling on Eurosport…even get obsessed with it…..Eurosport gets cancelled. Again no problem I will get into the Bundesliga……oh Fox sport is cancelled. Back into the hockey on ASN…….*waits for ASN to get cancelled*…I swear the minute I like something it is curtains.

Everything I like get cancelled on TV hehe.

I don’t pretend to know the ins and outs of Spanish politics. But it is clear to me if Barca left La Liga then everyone would suffer. Gaining independence is something to celebrate for sure but there must be a point in which common sense prevails. Monaco after all play in the French league….due to proximity and language……..speaking of the French league they are apparently gonna welcome Barca with open arms. Of course they are it improves their league no end.

Barca to join the French league?

Lol at Ranieri. If Real Madrid come in for Vardy, I won’t stand in his way. I like the lad he has come along well from his Fleetwood days. But I would say Real coming a knocking is unlikely.

Football chat about the unstoppable Jamie Vardy!

I don’t rate Sherwood that highly as a manager. I believe he might turn into a decent one with a few years of practice…..but it is worth noting that the Villa job is nigh on impossible in my opinion. Seemingly no cash, yet with the expectation of a top half finishing team. They basically need a fireman in charge to save them…Ian Holloway?

Chatting about Villa’s woes!

LOL..Mourinho for the sack really? Who are you going to get in to replace in today’s climate? Firstly there is no one around right now. Secondly….if you sack the best manager in the world…. you are asking for a second best replacement ( in the best case scenario ) at best. If Chelsea or indeed Abramovich have any sense they should wait until the special one finishes the season before making any decisions. Believe me I am an expert on premature sackings given I am a Leeds fan.

Mourinho’s woes….

Apparently Japanese lager is now ‘trendy’ in the UK. I would be interested from my English FB friends as to how popular it is? Is it replacing shite like Stella on the premium pump or is it just in bottles for a hugely inflated price ( especially given they are the garbage UK versions)………..This is not me dissing the UK pub scene by the way. I for one miss the classic English pub. I miss the ambiance, the service and above all the sheer selection of even the low end pubs like Wetherspoons.

Lager chat

64 pound for an away ticket? Excluding stuff like hotel fee and travel. No wonder they weren’t happy. Football teams bank on the fact that most people that arrive at away games have more money and time than the average joe…but it is getting bad. Also at Arsenal it is now 97 quid for a home game ( albeit a posh seat)…….I think that the bigger clubs with cash assume that the fans have cash. Last time I looked the locals that live in Manchester and such were normal people with families and mortgages……The PL needs to take a leaf out of the Bundesliga for sure.

The price of footy tickets in the UK is horrid.


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