Life blurbs from September and October


New Star Wars ad poses many questions and theories……properly looking forward to it. At this point I was gonna go on a rant about how many Star Wars ‘fans’ are coming out the woodwork. But it would be harsh. It is fair to say many have been stuck in the woodwork given the poor attempt at prequels we had and only attempt to prise our way from said woodwork when we are confident of a movie being worth the franchise. I for one watched Star Wars maybe 30 times as a kid…..I watched the Phantom menace maybe twice. I’m not one of these who says there were pure garbage ..they had their moments but they weren’t proper star wars movies.


You know the winter is coming when you reach past the beer for the bourbon. Oh the delights of whiskery suppage. What to buy first Wild Turkey, Jim Beam black, Evan Williams or the classic Woodford?


While I do miss Sky TV a lot, the football and such…it is the wet, gloomy horse racing I miss the most. Some random hurdle down in Nottingham or Chepstow. Nothing feels more English to me than sitting at home watching horse racing with the rain rattling down outside.

Life and health

Taiwan hospitals are at times so disorganised I can’t believe it. The amount of times an old woman stumbles into a room whilst someone is being seen I can’t count….yet if you fail to pay the bill at the end they are certainly organised enough to remind you the next day….priorities aye…..


Wales are 50-1 for the Euros. I think I’d rather take that punt than England at 10-1……..short odds considering we have never won it. Then again France are 7-2 and they have done nothing for a long time. I think barring in upset Germany have to just turn up. ‘Outside’ bet….. Belgium at 10-1 although I’m not sure 10-1 counts as an outside bet. Also I heard some stat recently that they will be ranked no.1 if they win this week.

Wow. Leicester City. I have to admit when Ranieri took charge I was skeptical… far he has proven me wrong. Riyad Mahrez gets better every week.

Holland need a miracle to qualify for the Euros. Amazing when you consider their positions in the last few big tournaments. I guess even the most talented nations need a generation or two. Best bet is to head down to Surinam and round up the most talented kids..that should speed things along.

Can’t see I am that surprised at Rodgers being sacked….that said why give him a ton of cash to spend and then sack him a few weeks later. They should have sacked him in the summer or later in the year…I guess they figured on a better start and hindsight is 20/20. Next up for the sack is Steven Mclaren ( fingers crossed ).


I tried abstaining from drink and in the end when I do come back around to the weekend I drink more to catch up…lol. So my plan is simple JUST drink on a Friday night. Recover Saturday and have a pleasant Sunday. Millions of people every weekend go to bed sober and wake up sober on a Sunday morn. I did in fact really enjoy my sober weekend last week. It opened my eyes to stuff you can do during the day and such. I also ended up enjoying stuff like drinking coffee and tea…..

Imagine you are trapped on a desert island and you somehow have access to ONE beer. Maybe a vast fridge of lager/beer somehow kept cold by some random event. What beer would you have to keep you company for the rest of time?……………….I would have to say Super Dry……..but hey maybe tomorrow I will change my opinion.


Does anyone else think Mad Max should have been called ‘Chase across the desert’? It was a decent film but no where near as good as people made out. At 8.3 it is rated higher than Blade Runner……..Can’t agree with that I’m afraid.

Nights out 

Another great night with Jody Wang Murfin. Starting at Rama Thai restaurant ( watching the sun set across the 101 area with a beer and food) …on toward my old stomping ground of Leli road via the night-market…..onto Le-li and some Yakitori and Asahi. Finally arriving in Yong-He ( after walking from Taipei City ) for a can or two of beer outside our building. I probably say it too much for most people…….but life is very good out here. I can’t help but feel an immense amount of pleasure and fortitude at discovering this magnificent island.


It’s national pretend to like rugby month everybody. Don’t forget to go down that local pub in which you go once every four years. Buy a beer, and try and talk about your teams chances with the one guy at the bar who actually does like rugby…… Who will quite quickly, probably see that you are just a charlatan trying to get involved in a sport that you like the idea of.


Gonna try and get into ‘water’. It seems that’s what normal people drink. Kids in my class even claim it’s their favourite drink ( hello….you never had coffee???)…..Anyway I have never enjoyed it and found it most tedious. But if it’s a healthy way to hydrate then I will give it a spin.


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