My life in late July

Things of note :

Went to a nice Jap place for my bday and the 41 with a bunch of mates : 

Hungover…..but big thanks to Quanmao An, Paul Kemp, Ryan Ryin, Cat Diamond, Jody Wang Murfin, Gareth Murfin, The 41 Bistro and Sharon Ho. Cheers guys.

Almost came full circle on the random birthday locations and nearly …just nearly chose Friday’s as the place to meet. Ironically doing so would make me more Taiwanese… the end no4 park and some yakitori will suffice.

Upon nearly going to my classic haunt Friday’s. 

lol at Mourinho’s reaction. I don’t always agree with him but I do in this case. Benitez isn’t fit to work as an assistant to Jose never mind manage Real. And as pointed out he did in fact ruin a very good Inter side.

Talking about the feud between the oaf Benitez and Mourinho. 

Almost scoffed that the MLS all stars beat Spurs then I looked at the scorers. Kaka and Villa. Two players who would grace even the best teams in the Prem.

Commenting on the standard of the MLS nowadays. 
I have started watching more obscure sports since all my faves are tactically removed from Taiwan TV. Premier league? Scratch that ……ok then Bundesliga it is. Cycling cancelled …now I watch NHL and NASCAR. If only I liked watching baseball and basketball it would be removed from TV in seconds.
Pickings are getting slim on tv. Thank god for ASN. Really getting into NASCAR. 
I could have told Rickie Lambert he’d be leaving to some crap club before he signed for Liverpool. Chances are now he won’t get back to the form he had found and will be a run of the mill striker in the struggle for survival.
There should be a transfer counciller who’s job it is is to tell crap to average ( and in some cases very good ) players that they are being unrealistic idiots and will not improve their careers despite bolstering their probably already full wallets. The guy would be busy for sure he would have just jetted back from a lengthy meeting with Fabian Delph and asked him if he liked playing in the league cup for City until they are knocked out in the 4th round. If an arm chair pundit like myself can see this why can’t the players themselves?
Talking again about players moving to unrealistic clubs. 

~ by richardpmurfin on August 1, 2015.

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  1. Ric, you here? 😀 idle idle

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