July blurbs from FB

* Taiwan island of fish on Nat Geo tonight at 10!

Turns out it wasn’t on at all …grr damn you listings…

* My nostalgic genes are overly active. The other day in the midst of playing GTA 5 on PS4 I heard a song and I was like MAN this reminds me of GTA 5 on the PS3…….

Memories of GTA …uhhhm again…

* Gonna watch the Almanac….how bad can it be?

Not bad actually. Very watchable..apart from the whole shaky cam.

* Stones for 20 million? Come on…..I am all for bigging up English talent but I think he has like one cap and was great for an average Everton side last season. I hate to point out the obvious but there are better foreign defenders for half the price. I can see what City and Chelsea are trying to do. Buying English helps them achieve European targets but in this case he will just be a home grown player sitting in the Chelsea European squad…..agreed they do need a successor to Terry but do yourself a favour John and stay at Everton for a couple of seasons. It always seems like I am knocking English players but, nowadays given the pure size of clubs like City and Chelsea English players are likely to languish on the bench……..losing any sharpness they would have had at a smaller club…..

* For 49 million I would have sold him also. I like Sterling but he is not the real deal yet. For a player with obvious talent he is not deadly in front of goal and is not the best crosser. Be interesting where City will play him. I don’t think he is as good as Silva and I doubt he will be deployed a striker with players like Aguero on hand. I hope they haven’t just paid 50 million for a squad man who will get lost int he ranks and have his growth stunted…..

* Why would Newcastle miss out on Cabaye? Why not sign a world class player if he is available. Speaking of strange decisions……Delph to City?…….let me make a well educated guess. In ONE season he will be rotting in the reserves, lose his England place and will be targeted by Stoke, Swansea and Villa…..Like EVERY single British player City have bought in the last 5 years.

Players Delph’s age need to mature into a better player. I think he is solid and at a good team in which he is relied upon…eg: Villa he could move from a solid player to a very good player. It is no coincidence that all of the players …..many of whom you eluded to have had their careers not just stunted but ruined by sitting in the City reserves ( Micah Richard’s anyone?). Players need to progress and develop by playing week in week out and testing themselves. For me going to City unless you are top tier like Aguero or Toure is akin to taking your best years and throwing them down the toilet just for a fat pay cheque. I am not just talking about City …it happens at Chelsea too with players like Moses, Ba and Remy. Even players who are late twenties must realise they are simply being bought to complete the numbers so they have cover for Europe and such. Too many decent players go from being the talk of Europe to being bargaining tools in transfers. Players like Dzeko and Jovetic once touted as European greats are passed around for a fraction of their fee because they have sat on their asses for a year. I just think many big clubs nowadays buy too many players to prevent others from having them.

More overpriced shenanigans in the Prem ( especially with English players ) . 

* Anyone got any spotify suggestions for good albums/ playlists. Given I am spending 3-4 hours a day on it I might as well open my horizons.

* Having a new PC makes me feel like I have been living in a sort of technological haze for 5 years. The opportunities are seemingly endless….until it breaks of course.

post pc reaction after Jody got me a great new ACER PC. 

* On a day in which I get a new PC my beloved ps3 basically gives up the ghost. a trade off I would not have taken if I was given the choice…..that said thanks Jody Wang Murfin…properly happy with my computer. Now just give me 2 months to work out this keyboard…how to use Spotify and the user interface…….. just for starters. Don’t get me started on old passwords I need to dig out.

PS3 stops connecting to wireless….love that thing.

That was bits of July from my FB. I will endeavor to make some real posts soon enough.


~ by richardpmurfin on July 20, 2015.

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