New PC / PS3 is dying / Spotify is ace / Might get Football manager

Bullet point Sunday ( with some FB blurbs ) :

* Was a typhoon on Friday, got day off

* Got new PC off Jody. Acer, It’s great! Having a new PC makes me feel like I have been living in a sort of technological haze for 5 years. The opportunities are seemingly endless….until it breaks of course.

* Birthday soon

* Trying to have a baby ( well Jody is) . Even invitro injecting and such…..fingers crossed my sperms are gunning for it

* Really enjoying the beers of the summer at 7 and Family mart

* If I buy football manager or *cough* download it…will I get horribly addicted to it and will it take over my life

* Still playing GTA 5 every night….bought a T20 and it wiped me out financially

* Loving Spotify….On PC it is even more detailed

* Loving the war on drugs band…what a sound

* Watched Terminator 5….enjoyed it. Still not a patch on the classic….wish my PAL dvds I lugged over here ten years ago were usable and not gathering dust in a CD folder

* PS3 heading out….On a day in which I get a new PC my beloved ps3 basically gives up the ghost. a trade off I would not have taken if I was given the choice…..that said thanks Jody Wang Murfin…properly happy with my computer. Now just give me 2 months to work out this keyboard…how to use Spotify and the user interface…….. just for starters. Don’t get me started on old passwords I need to dig out.

* Why would Newcastle miss out on Cabaye? Why not sign a world class player if he is available. Speaking of strange decisions……Delph to City?…….let me make a well educated guess. In ONE season he will be rotting in the reserves, lose his England place and will be targeted by Stoke, Swansea and Villa…..Like EVERY single British player City have bought in the last 5 years. (Apparently I though Delph was going to City but today he says he is not).

* Why would Leicester sack Pearson? Sure he was hot headed. Sure he was at times outspoken and rather over the top. But isn’t that we have been crying out for since the influx of foreign managers. If he gets pushed down a division or two and replaced by a random Spaniard when people complain there are’t enough British managers to succeed RH I want to be first to mention this. He is one of the few old school no nonsense managers left in the league and he has been forced out.

* Watching the Hills have eyes remake. Not seen the original so I would be interested in how it stacks up compared to the ‘classic’.



~ by richardpmurfin on July 12, 2015.

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