June Facebook Blurbs – A quick look at my Facebook activity of note

Won’t be on FB for a while now my second choice laptop is giving up the ghost….

Made after my second laptop choice  started to die …

Happy Father’s day Graham Murfin. Hope you have a great day, Dad. From me Gareth Murfin and Christopher. Drink some ale for me! xxxxx

Father’s day wishes to Dad.

Imagine a Taiwanese person went into a local restaurant, forgot their phone and the in store TV was broken…………they would have to make conversation…..

Upon realising Taiwanese people need TV to eat dinner and would rather use a phone than talk to family members.

今兒個小紅的踏板終於被我騎壞了。Richard Murfin馬上買了新公路車!yahhhhhh!finally got a new bike and love the colors!

Wife’s comment after I bought her a Merida Discoverer 500. An updated version of mine. 

Jurassic park was amazing no two ways about it ( after watching it maybe 25 times I can say so ). The following two were a let down ….there is no other way to say it. The forth one despite a few bad write ups is a solid movie. One or two homages to the original and plenty of heart in mouth moments….combined with a couple of sad moments……and culminating in a fantastic end fight. Sure the Kirin I sneaked into the cinema could have added to the atmosphere but it won’t stop me giving it a two solid thumbs up.

You know what? I enjoyed Jurassic world.

10 years and counting and still addicted to Asahi Super Dry!

Expressing my love for Asahi!

Newcastle on the trail of Bas Dost. Finally a player whom which I think could do well in the PL I have followed him in the Bundesliga for a while). Although rangy he is quite prolific and if partnered with a decent player (Austin from QPR?) he could really do something in the league. If Newcaslte hope to break back into the European positions they need to look to having a better selection of players in their midst. Striker wise they were a little bit embarrassing last season. Also Cabaye is begging to come back to the Premier league and is even considering Palace. Why not take him back also?…Carroll for me is a risk and a pay as you play deal is the only way to sign him.

Newcastle on the trail of a decent player? Surely not.

Taiwan’s beer selection nowadays is actually rather impressive. Ale, cider, lager, stoute….you name it. There are barely any reasons to go back to England…..apart from Sky TV, the olds and good sandwiches of course.

More beer talk.

I am a man of my word Richard Murfin smile emoticon

I’ve booked my flight via Dubai. See you for beer and street food on the market streets of Taipei Wednesday 30th March 2016 – my treat Whoop whoop smile emoticon

Friend claims to be coming to Taiwan…..I believe it when I see it 🙂 .


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