June and May Facebook Blurbs.

I like sitting out the front of my building at night….. post GTA session with a can of beer and staring like an old man into the road………..

Speaking about my nightly post GTA habits. 

Surely what happened Saturday is a wake up call for Taiwan. Better security measures within schools can be implemented but Taiwan’s insistence on ‘you have to support yourself no matter how crazy or disabled you are’….has surely proven there must be a system in place to help the people who really need it and can’t afford. I see more people with mental and physical problems here in one week than I did in a year in the UK and they are on the streets… literally. The next big incident will be a wild dog ( of which there are thousands) will disfigure/kill a kid and people will be up in arms. Again it goes back to the government not willing to spend money on normal facilities. Sure Indirectly I am asking to pay a little more tax but it has to be worth it.

Speaking about the horrendous and brutal attack on a child in Beitou Taiwan.

Pretty sure I got bitten in the park by a local bug…..hope it wasn’t poisonous….

Thought I was bitten …maybe I was.

Had my first bowl of Fruit Loops in maybe 15 years….ah the memories.

A-Mart has good cereals now. And cheap.

Something weird happened today. I had a ‘good looks’ renaissance. I got called handsome maybe 5 times. It hasn’t happened since 2005….I will take all I can get before I am old, bald and ugly.

After having a ‘handsome’ day. 




~ by richardpmurfin on June 9, 2015.

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