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Beer chat

The Asahi Dry Pale ale (craft style ) is literally one of the best canned beers I have ever had. Tastes like a high end slightly hopped American micro brew. (the Cascade hops are apparent )People say 7-11 is better but with rare beers like this I will stick to the Family Mart until their stock runs dry.

Facebook blurbs

Being woken by a huge earthquake sure beats an alarm clock………. 

Made after being woken by a massive earthquake at 9.45..Monday the 20th of April 2015.

With Spotify on ps3/4 I literally don’t need to buy an album ever again. I don’t even have to put music into folders anymore…….late night lounge music?….already 50 playlists made each with a glut of songs. Chicane’s new album? Bam there it is with a clutch of remixes which you can’t even buy. When you combine this with my Kindle and digital games on PS4 I don’t need to buy anything tangible ever again…….apart from pants that is.

Upon discovering an online music system I can actually use. Bringing music back into my life. Spotify is amazing all the artists I never got chance to collect older stuff at my finger tips. Future SOL Aphex and such……..no more fumbling and buffering with youtube.

Ten fire trucks and four ambulances down the street. In most countries it would be something big. In Taiwan I’d guess it’s a cat up a tree.

After seeing a ton of action down the street.

Anyone playing GTA 5 racing? I have designed a new track.


Large loop race around the mountain in the Tongva hills. Passing the vineyard and through Banham Canyon. Tight bends, roadside ravines and a hay bail or two…. have fun!

The soundtrack is Mirror park the atmos is amazing. Try it!

After making my first track on GTA5!

The Maze runner. Hunger games meets the Cube meets Lords of the flies.

After hiring Maze Runner off the pay as you go.


~ by richardpmurfin on April 21, 2015.

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