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Leeds chat

Every time we get a decent youth player coming through he gets sold for far less than he is worth to some team who technically are inferior. It seems an insult when Tottenham or Villa poach players for pennies then they go onto play internationally. I wish Leeds would at least put more sell on / international appearance clauses in their players. Or just say no to teams until they put in what they are worth.

On Manchester beating City

Interesting that the side that just beat City comprehensively is almost entirely Moyes’ players.

Friday night fumblings in Family Mart

In family Mart yesterday had an Asahi in my hand and Jody asked ( in the correct language) if they had that beer but not cold ( apparently better for body) . Guy barely looked at the can and straight away said ‘nope’. She was like what about Taiwan beer? ‘nope’. Do you have any beer outside of the fridge in the back? Guy was like ‘nope…everything in the shop is in the fridge’. Suffice to say we didn’t buy anything in that shop and I lost a little bit of respect for the Family Mart……..

Water rationing in Taiwan?

Water rationing in Taiwan lol. Telling people to shower & drink less will not help in any way. They need to stop telling businesses like 7-11 and building sites to stop washing the concrete outside their premises. Hundreds of gallons of water sprayed onto the ground for no apparent reason….something rain will do naturally every day.

Yakitori place discovered!

Found a great yakitori place in Yong-He. Combine that with the English pub and I now literally have no reason to ever leave Taipei County.

beer update

They have started selling Kronenbourg at 7 and Family mart now! Albeit at an inflated price.

English failings in Europe 2015 – Discussed

Pointing at City’s inadequacies is one thing and indeed in turn the whole of the English quartet in Europe having failed this year is plain so see. But targeting City seems harsh. They were playing Barca and got beat 3-1. It is hardly a thrashing. Pundits suggesting these teams should all go out and spend another 200 million seems a bit of a knee jerk reaction. The Premier league big boys are good at spending indeed they seem to spend more than most. They just need to re-acclimatise to Europe having slipped off the pace. If Chelsea had got thru (squuezed out) and Arsenal had notched in that last goal before the end we would be looking at 50% success. I know it is ifs and buts and I can see we aren’t up to it right now but throwing money at the problem and sacking managers isn’t always the answer. If Pellegrini is sacked the same thing will happen next year to City. They will spend another 200m. Get fined by the fair play association and start off shakey, unable to gel and with tons of players competing in a team that is slightly confused and worried about whether they will start to fire and or whether under the new regime they will get a chance and stay. Redknapp and Henry are likeable enough but I am not sure they know the cause of our mishaps recently so just blurt out any answer that will ‘solve’ the problem.

Heists hit PS4

Heists are here! Anybody else’s character’s hair turned dark green after the update? It was a lovely blond before now no matter how much I try it is still a dirty colour? Chris Burns, Chris Mc Mullan, Eoghain Bellamy, Bill Djvynl? Oh well at least now my character can point……………………..

GTA 5 finished

GTA 5 on the ps4 finished. Best video game ever? I would say the most accomplished and impressive game ever made. Story and writing very strong and you actually care about the characters and their choices. Possibly the only game of its size I would consider replaying all the way through. Now to start online again. So many adventures ahead of me. A tiny part of myself wishes it was 2020 and GTA6 was on the horizon. A tiny part I might add. Skyrim still no1.

MRT tussle

I want to see the whole vid of the ‘old man hits a foreigner on the MRT’. Apparently the foreigner called out the old guy for pushing in and the old fella hit him in the head with pliers. If every time an old guy pushed in front of meI caused a fuss …then I would be involved in heated rows every time I went to the 7-11 or Family Mart. Old people in this country do not know how to queue lol.

New years musings

After walking around Taipei City for two days it is apparent that the year of the Goat is really the year of the sheep. Even large companies using the relevant new year animal had cute fluffy sheep as the symbol for luck. Not a single goat in sight.

Friday night fun

I know people say music like Avicii is cheesy Euro dance floor crap. But hey if a song can make me happy to be alive then I love it.

Longing for UK food

I love Costco and I am glad it exists in Taiwan but I do wish it sold more UK based stuff. A part of me is proper angry when I have to buy crap generic American cheeses, cereals and sauces. Don’t get me started on the lack of frozen food…..If only Farmfoods/Iceland could open a branch here.

Thinking out loud over GTA5

Was GTA V worth buying again on a new platform? Hell yeh. Better graphics. Tons more music and this time I will play the campaign through before getting caught up in the Multi player.

Western pubs in Taipei suck ….or is it me?

Had a great weekend with the wife and as usually we varied it up with some walking, drinking and eating. Yakitori on Civic. Stir Fry near the house. Super cheap Japanese beer on draught. I also had an epiphany about my wants and needs. I attempted to go to a western pub….twice and I couldn’t stand it. The atmosphere. The crowds, the design ( couldn’t get to the bar in one and they also told us there was no menu so we had to point and ask about every drink), the lack of food and above all the heavy heavy cost. I really have had it now with pubs. I don’t know If I am getting old or just adapting to the culture that little bit more hehe.

Missing my family

I forget what it is like to see my family regularly. I forget what it is like to wave to my dad casually. I forget what it is like to eat breakfast with my mam, or to have a scotch with my dad. I need to try my upmost to see them as much as possible in the next few years. This goes for me and Gareth Murfin. Love you. xxxx


I dreamt that I was in sixth form last night. 16 year old and I looked at my timetable and choose to skip my first ever class After I felt proper guilty…….what does that mean?

Prem money mad

How is Bafetimbi Gomis 9 million quid? He is close to 30. He was never prolific even in the French league and he has one goal in eighteen. Back in the day he would be considered a first division striker. Has the world gone money mad?

Roth chat

I like Tim Roth and his character in Lie to me is sort of interesting. But he leans to hard on the whole over the top Englishman in America. At times he is almost a charactateur of himself. It is a shame there was never a 4th season.

Can he cope?

Martin Odegaard to Real Madrid. Ignoring the fact that the 16-year-old midfielder is one of Europe’s brightest prospects. Moving from a nice relaxed club in cold little Norway to Real Madrid. I hope Madrid( and clubs like them) are able to help these super young kids on a personal level as well as professional. The prospect to me as a 16 year old would have been a scary one.

That is all my FB musings for a month or so.


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