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Tuesday now. Will go to work for a couple of hours. Just had a four day holiday in which Children’s day and Tomb Sweeping were combined. Felt rough yesterday and even today Drinking binges are hard at 37. Over the four days we had Yakitori. Stir fry and lots of beer. Found a new place close to the English pub in Yong-He. Now we have the whole range of haunts needed so that we never have to go to Taipei City hehe.

Places of note on FB  that we like :

Cool little place. Reminds me of Civic boulevard in the way they cook it and season it. Serves Super Dry at 120 also. Just a two minute walk from the 41 – . English style pub with ales and a great atmos. Good draught & friendly staff. Went there Saturday was great. 44 is a yakitori place near Dingxy and it has the authentic feel with good super cheap draught and nice food. Joe John’s is a bbq place in New Taipei City with great food and Taiwan beer also Always busy. There is a cool place over the road also but I don’t know the name.

GTA cars ….Not in order :

1. Invetero Coquette – Sleek and beautiful with a raw noise and amazing handling. My fave car in the game.

2. Obey Tailgator – Rare despite being Michael’s car in solo. Basically the Audi from Transporter. enough said.

3. Albany Alpha – Big and beautiful. Looks awesome and handles well. Great car.

4. Sentinel – Classic. Handles well and is my go-to mission car.

5. Benefactor Surano – Love this baby. It oversteers at times but looks and feels beastly.


~ by richardpmurfin on April 7, 2015.

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