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Weather changed a lot recently. It went from very cold last week to shorts n t-shirt already. I am not complaining although I reckon I will be soon enough. Played quite a  bit of heists this week on GTA and I am loving it. I mostly play with mates so we can chat and play at the same time. I very nearly spent a ton on a headset then realised you can plug in a bog standard phone ear/mic into the pad as it has a speaker. Granted its mono but it does the job. The jury is still out on whether I should buy a gaming headset. After all they are upwards of 3k and I don’t really need surround sound for GTA . It is not like COD where you need to hear every person in the exact direction and location they are in.

SO back to heisting. Is anyone else confused as to why the word heist comes with a red squiggle underneath as if to say it isn’t a word? I started online a few weeks back after deciding to start afresh on ps4 as opposed to carrying on character. After finishing campaign this time around ( didn’t finish it on ps3) . I decided to properly try online. That means races, tdm, parachuting ( ahem well not so much parachuting) and such. As well as free mode. The first thing that strikes me even 18 months after launch is the sheer size and scope of GTA. Ignoring heists for 2 minutes. Let is also ignore the campaign. The sheer amount of game modes are silly :

Some of which are self explanatory. Others like Capture and contend are more like  a CTF mode. In which you have to fight and get from a to b vs another team. Survival is a hark back to survival on Modern warfare. There is also a game mode in which you have to hold out vs invaders in a building. Freemode for me is the best mode because of it’s simplicity. Drive around the virtual world shooting other freeworlders. Buying E-Cola at the 7-11 Upgrading your cars. Stealing cars . Upsetting the police. And at any time you can jump in an out of various game modes dotted around the map. Again I digress. Heisting…..You need to be level 12. Have your own apartment. I live in Richards Majestic ( more on appartments later). and be able to put some money down up front ( 40k for the prison break). Lester comes to your apartment for the intro heist. You only need two players for this one and you take down a bank. Overall it is almost an anti climax but the first one is to get you into the mindset. It is short and fun and very easy. The second one is the prison break and this is where it gets interesting. Several sub missions in which various tasks have to be undertaken to get the team ready to boost some Russian guy out of prison. I won’t bore you with the details but it is fun fun fun. It is also nerve wracking too. Player on normal you get a spare life but on hard one slip and it is game over for the whole team. You have to restart the round. It is infuriating but also very addictive.

Apartments are another key ingredient to the heist and you need to spend at least 200k. Internally they are identical but you need a heist room hence why the extra cash. I was gonna make a list but basically you can choose any 200k apt for a heist. I chose Richards Majestic as you can see the golf course from the window and it is a nice place overall. I still have 2 garages also. I watched this vid before I got mine is was very informative :

Thanks to HolyCowlick . Great atmosphere. I decided on mine from this vid. As it isn’t too $$$ and has a great view.

Ok, I am off to mod some cars, shoot some Ballers and generally get into some virtual trouble.

Note – One more sidepoint about rare cars. The update has brought a lot of patches and now the Dubsta gold and chrome is not easy to find . If at all. I also haven’t seen the modded Sandking. You can still find a modded Sentinel near the eclipse towers. I found one yesterday. Sit at the junction around 10pm-2am and keep your eyes peeled.


~ by richardpmurfin on March 16, 2015.

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