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So these two are much rarer since I got the ps4 version. The Felon I once searched and search for ( check my blog ) is ubiquitous in Vinewood. The F620 is still rare-ish but not as fare. These two Mercedes style cars are both super rare. Don’t get me started on the Obey Tailgater ….I had to buy one in the end.

You can find an Obey Tailgater at :

By the golf course in the car park around 7 pm

By the stadium

By the race track

By the tennis courts ( vespucci )

A small house on the west coast

All of these are still only sporadically and at certain times. Good luck.

Luxury German Sedan. Better than a BF, but not quite a Benefactor. Fast and practical with a classy look, this is just the car to over-leverage on.“― description.


~ by richardpmurfin on March 10, 2015.

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