Winter schedule soon

* Winter schedule

* Tuesdays off

* Gonna buy GTA5 on PS4 and trade it in on ps3

* Probably gonna trade in Far Cry. Loved it, finished it

* Enjoying Johnnie Walker Green

* Trying to eat more fruit

* Eating porridge every day

* Have a sore throat

* Martin Odegaard to Real Madrid. Ignoring the fact that the 16-year-old midfielder is one of Europe’s brightest prospects. Moving from a nice relaxed club in cold little Norway to Real Madrid. I hope Madrid( and clubs like them) are able to help these super young kids on a personal level as well as professional. The prospect to me as a 16 year old would have been a scary one.

* Wearing shorts on January 20th! Gotta love Taipei.

* You can buy half a Peking duck ( with sauce and wraps ) in Taipei for 5 quid. Why have I just discovered this?

* Gary Oldman and Uma Thurman were married? So many weird facts out there I just haven’t found out yet.

* Reading the goblet of fire on Kindle



~ by richardpmurfin on January 22, 2015.

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