Next game for the ps4? / What to buy for ps4 2015 / Imminent games I want

I am nearing the end of my Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed obsession. Don’t get me wrong they are epic AND there is still technically a lot to do in them. But I have completed them and not sure I want to go thru the maps and search each corner. I could do MP. But hey, if I want MP I have Bf4 which I am still enjoying. I could rant on about BF4 also and the fact that I have just mastered all the carbines ….blah blah blah. But I won’t.

So what to buy? Here are some ideas for 2015 :

The Witcher 3. What else can be said about the Witcher. Potentially the best RPG ever ……could even be a SKyrim beater. But I don’t want to curse it.

Killing Floor 2. A new FPS built on the unreal engine. Looks epic But again it could be rubbish.

Uncharted. No4 in the series could be the best yet. On next gen it looks sweeeeeet.

Dying light. Survival horror. Looks amazing.

Bloodborne. Action RPG made in Japan.

Others of note that are currently out and I might consider second hand :


* Dragon Age

* Alien Isolation


~ by richardpmurfin on January 20, 2015.

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