A movie a day………………..

Given I have spent less time on my PS4 as of late I am attempting to be semi cultural and watch a movie a day. On the current MOD package it is 1.99nt or 4 quid for a ton of random movies. Ranging from romance to action to horror.

This week I watched :

12 Years a slave. I thought it was good. It ended a bit abruptly. I would like to have seen him go back to the people who set him up and the place where he worked and give them some grief.

Midnight in Paris. Watching midnight in Paris and Owen Wilson waxing lyrical about Paris being amazing is quite refreshing. I love to see someone enthuse about a city. Not just the Museums and the dominating structures that are ‘famous’…but the general streets, back alleys and vibe of even the most ordinary parts of town. Makes me feel less weird ….when beer in hand I stagger around I profess my love for Taipei’s bridges, boulevards and city scapes even in the dark depths of Yong-He at night.

Sabotage, with Arnie. Yeh, sorry I used the word culture above then watched this. But hey it was an arnie flick. Nothing wrong with that for 90 mins of mindless pleasure.

3 days to kill. Costner returns with this alternative style action movie. It got like 1 in rotten tomatoes but you know what I enjoyed it.

Closed Circuit .Eric Bana in a crime/court thriller based in London. Tense at times but ultimately unfullfilling.

Grindhouse : Deathproof was average. But Planet terror was a hark back to the old zombie flicks in which people were made of cooked chicken and fell apart like so. Good stuff.

Other things of note in my life ( taken from FB)  :

* Gonna eat porridge this week to alleviate some of the binge drinking guilt

* Bought a bottle of Glenfiddich 12 for 700nt or 14 quid. It is 35 quid in Asda and Sainsburies in the UK.

* Gonna re-read all the Harry Potters again on Kindle!


~ by richardpmurfin on January 15, 2015.

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