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A few things to discuss today. One is the release of Assassins Creed at the theatre….wait for it …in 2016. So it is a long wait to see Desmond on the big screen. Personally I would rather see Edward Kenyway.

Assasin’s creed :

The film, based on the successful Ubisoft video game series of the same name, will star “X-Men”‘s Michael Fassbender, who will reportedly be playing Desmond Miles—the main character from the games, living on in the present day, caught in a war between Assassins and Templars that will determine the fate of humanity as we know it. He will be fighting with the Assassins and looking for answers to unlock and find mysterious artifacts, including one known as the “Apple of Eden.”
To seek answers, Desmond relives the memories of his ancestors through a device called the Animus, which is the key to discovering and relocating the Apple and learning its secrets and influence throughout the course of human history.
Originally seeking to distribute the film with Sony Entertainment, Ubisoft partnered up with Twentieth Century Fox instead. Director Justin Kurzel, who previously worked with Fassbender on “Macbeth,” will reportedly helm the film, making it the duo’s second collaboration.
On a related note, Fassbender will have a high-profile year to come in 2016, as he reprises his signature role of Erik Lehnsherr/ Magneto for Bryan Singer’s next X-Men film in “X-Men: Apocalypse,” which will be released on May 27, 2016.
“Assassin’s Creed: The Movie” is locked in for a December 21, 2016 release date
Thanks to GMA news.
Scotch In Taiwan.
Yesterday I was perusing a whiskey shop and  Bought a bottle of Glenfiddich 12 for 700nt or 14 quid. It is 35 quid in Asda and Sainsburies in the UK. The price difference doesn’t stop there tho. Here are some average prices :
                                                             UK pound                     TW$
Singleton ( very good scotch)               29                                 1200 (24 quid)
Macallan 12                                          75                                  1200
Glenfiddich                                           35                                  7-850 (14 quid)
Highland Park                                       32-35                              1300
Balantine’s Gold Seal (12)                   35 – defunct                   650 ( 13 quid)
Johnnie walker Green                           NA  – defunct                 950 ( 19 quid)
Ballantine’ 12 all malt                            NA                                 600 ( 12 quid)
Chivas Regal                                           30                                  600 (12)
*  bare in mind it is around 48 nt to the pound. So The equation is simple from pound to NT. for example 29 x 50 for Singleton. So in theory the Singleton is almost the same price. Highland Park is not far away also. But look at the difference in the prices of Macallan and Glenfiddich. The price in some cases is 1/3. Indeed in most 10-12 year old scotches In Taiwan the almost 1/3 equation works. Ballantine’s. Johnnie walker and such. The bigger the brand the closer to 1/2 is gets. JW for example is huge over here so demands a larger price in comparision. Ballantine’s tend to sell cheaper as they compete on a lower scale. To reiterate the point. The lower end brands that make 12 year olds and such tend to be roughly 1/3 of the cost. Although my make shift chart doesn’t really show that. Brands like Chivas can be bought in multi packs of 500ml’s for maybe 20 quid. 3 bottles for 20!
   I was shocked at the price of Macallan then I realised it has been discontinued around the world. Ages such as 10-12 and 15 are now called ‘special cask’ and such. Only Taiwan seems to have it in abundance. Much Like Johnnie Walker green which can be bought here for maybe 950 which equates to an incredible 19 quid in the UK. People on the internet are squabbling over JW Green and I can walk into any 7-11 and buy a bottle 2 mins after leaving my house and taste its delights. Given I earn 700nt an hour ( around 14 pound) , sure it is nothing in the UK but here I can buy a bottle of Glenfiddich 12 on an hours wage ….I seriously doubt I would be on 35 quid an hour in the UK. For some reason tho some scotches ….normally the higher quality ones aren’t as good value over here. Tax in the UK is horrendous and I am drinking scotch made an hour away from my UK home for sometimes more than 1/3 of the price. In the case of the Macallan 24 pound as opposed to 75. JW Green hasn’t really even got a price anymore as it is not made hence the price is whatever E-Bay bidders make it. Going back to my original point tho. The high end scotches like JW blue are still expensive and I think that is because after tax I think the company must think man we can’t charge that little it seems obscene so they bump up the price in order to maintain a more uniformed price. The standard 1/3 in Taiwan equation works for most scotches but JW Blue for example is around 3500 which is 70 quid and it is roughly 130 in the UK So in this case it is around half. Indeed if it was a 1/3 I could be buying Blue for like 40 quid which would seem like a steal. Even at 70 quid I hardly find myself inclined to drink it but medium priced scotch is damned good value. I will stick to paying 16 pound for Glenmorangie or literally less than a tenner for Grant’s 8 year old. Less than an hours wage for Ballantines 12 and 12 all malt ( both defunct and or JUST made for Taiwan) and a personal gem Black Grouse for 400-450 in RT Mart 7-9 pounds.
Other specialist scotches made for TW :
Famous Grouse Classic ( purple label)
The Silver Grouse
Ballantine’s 12 year old Malt
Taiwan Whisky’s of note
Prime Blue
Prime Blue 12
Matisse 12
Prime Blue 12 is particularly enjoyable. Kavalan may be world renowned but it is also pricey for a 3 year old. Prime Blue 12 is delicious and just 12.50 roughly in UK terms (Over here anyway).
Happy New Year and enjoy your scotch no matter how much it costs!

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