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You ever want to live and teach in Taiwan ? Read on.

I am watching last stand on TV . Just had a stint on GTA V. Eventually found an Ocelot F620. The 620 was found near the golf course in the posh end of town. They are so damned rare. I have only ever seen them on missions previously. I have yet to insure it so it is safe in the garage for now. My Jackal ( which I found parked at a posh house in Vine wood hills)  is insured and upgraded engine wise. The F620 reminds me of an Aston Martin. The Jackal of a decent Jaguar. Both nice cars. I also picked up a Gauntlet muscle car for runaround smash up missions. I will say one thing. Finding good cars is sort of a catch 22. If you find a decent car and drive around in it you are more likely to find the same one. The spawning…

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~ by richardpmurfin on December 30, 2014.

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