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You ever want to live and teach in Taiwan ? Read on.

Yeh, took me a while but I got it. You need to drive a similar sports car preferably high end around the northern part of the city. Not the outback bit but near Michael’s house.  Eventually you will see it amongst the many mini’s that will appear.  If you drive a bog standard car rarely will one appear. The most important thing to do is to play invite only or solo session. Don’t play normal online as the spawns are really limited online. All I ever see is Fusilades ( as I have one in my garage) and Buffalo’s. The game works by spawning cars of a similar ilk or group. So I was in a high end saloon/sports car when I found my Felon. It was a ruby red when I got it and after putting it in the garage it was a silvery blue………for some reason. Never the…

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~ by richardpmurfin on December 30, 2014.

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