Watchdogs for ps4 / Christmas time / Final Fantasy 9 / 4 days off / Off to Taichung

Bullet point December

* Got Watch dogs for PS4 – Won’t start it up till xmas Eve tho. Want to showcase it to Gareth and such.

* Enjoying the xmas atmos right now.

* Wed night we are all gonna gather and eat Turkey and enjoy the festivities.

* Gonna buy some cheap Canadian club to mix with. 350 at A Mart.

* Playing Final Fantasy 9 and loving it.

* Still Playing Far Cry and also loving it.

* Off to Taichung on Friday morn for a short holiday.

* We also get 4 days off over New Year ( western new year)

* Merry Christmas!


~ by richardpmurfin on December 21, 2014.

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