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After Black flag I really couldn’t see another game affecting me so much. Boy I was wrong. FC4 is just epic. After maybe 6 hours I am barely scratching the surface….yes it is a cliche for sure but in this case it’s true. I have barely opened up a corner of the map. Normally here I would cut and paste a review but I am trying to make my blog more personable as of late.

I won’t review it as such because anyone can Google a review in seconds. Suffice to say I love it. From the graphics and atmosphere right down to the gunplay. The crafting system owes a lot to Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series and there are a skills set in which you can improve character skills too. I am almost sure they will appear in the next AC as it is a missed opportunity otherwise. Weapons are awesome and can all be upgraded in good time. I won’t elaborate anymore as it will just turn into a review.

The one downfall the game has is the sound. No not the effects. They are decent. Guns and voice acting is pretty decent…..( well it can be cheesey but that is expected) . It the OST that is sort of banal. So I set out on a trek to get it better. I scowered the internet for a file that worked and could be put on a USB stick. In the end I went with Adrian von Ziegler . His music is better than most recognised soundtracks and he has an amazing ability to capture atmosphere. The only one I could fit on the file was the fantasy music but boy it makes all the difference. Running it alongside Far Cry 4 makes the game twice as good literally.

How to do it. Well firstly your computer has to be able to format USB sticks or devices to exFAT. Not FAT32. So your computer has to be able to recognise it. You need windows 7-8 or Vista ( on PC) . You need to format it onto exFAT and then create a folder called ‘Music’  on the USB. Then you can put the music onto your USB and put it in your ps4. It should work. The volume and such can be changed in the music file and you are all set.

I am off for a jog and  back later for some more Adrian von Ziegler inspire Far Cry 4.


~ by richardpmurfin on December 6, 2014.

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