Christmas is coming / Stuff

* Gonna buy turkey from Garden hotel again

* Looking forward to weekend despite Jody is gonna be biking Sunday morn ( ruining my Sat night heh)

* Plan to drink beer and watch more German Footy on weekend

* Still gutted Psych is finished. Not many shows can ever be as epic

* Looking to get into NHL again. Love the hockey and want to get back into it

* On a kick to finish games. Managed to finish Skyrim. Black Flag and Tom Raider all in two weeks. I attempted to finish Resident Evil 5 but I might have to give in as the game is highly and I mean highly annoying

* Been watching House on Universal a lot

* My L button is failing

* Still run every day

* Been drinking too much scotch lately. Bought 3 bottles of Chivas 12 and drank 2.5/3 in a week

* Watched Deliver us from Evil with Eric Bana…was good

* Still love spending time with Jody

* Did I mention I am getting Far Cry 4 for xmas

* Still enjoying Kid Castle

* That is all.


~ by richardpmurfin on November 26, 2014.

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