This week on Facebook / My life right now

Yes, I have posted a lot from random game magazines recently and this is actually from ME. Not CVG or IGN. Hehe.

Facebook comments

* Killed Alduin today. Took me 3 years on and off. A piece of me died when I slew him. Skyrim for me will go down as the best video game ever made. Bar none. ( made after I finished skyrim …sort of finished)

* I meet these people now and again who tell me they don’t drink caffeine or alcohol and expect me to be in awe!………… reality I feel a little sorry for them………………..( made after meeting yet another ‘beer is poison’ person

*   Oh man Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age inquisition all in one month! Monsieur you are really spoiling us……Need to invent a way to stop time………( made after seeing November’s line up for games)

*  Picked up 3 bottles of Chivas regal 12 year old for less than 20 quid! What a country!…onto the third one  now man I really need to stop.

Overall my life is good but I am hitting the beer and scotch too hard right now. I am tempted to pour the rest of this Chivas down the drain as even midweek I am drinking too much again. One more step and I will be drinking in bed again.
 After finishing Skyrim I sort of finished Black flag. Granted there are still missions in both of them but hey do I really have to trawl the back alleys for every quest and item. I will finish Tomb Raider now ( free on psn but epic) then settle into Far Cry 4 which my mam is sending very soon!

~ by richardpmurfin on November 24, 2014.

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