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Yes, it seems that November is the time for games. I am asking my parents for Far Cry 4 and I might have to get Dragon Age….although I haven’t even completed Skyrim yet…( need to dust that off) . I also haven’t finished the Templar missions in Black Flag ( although I technically finished the game ..epic!). Between that and an unhealthy addiction to BF4 and Champ Man 94 season update ( yes the amiga one) I have little time.

Dragons age inquisition verdict ( all rights IGN ) :


When I’d finally slain my first dragon in Dragon Age: Inquisition, I felt a little sad at the thought that I was probably beginning to exhaust its seemingly endless stream of content. But then I saw the quest ticker: “Dragons Slayed – 1 out of 10.” In all my hours, I had only ever seen three. It’s a surprisingly huge, dense world, and I soon realized there were still entire sandboxes I hadn’t even set foot in. Even in my hundredth hour, I’m still discovering. Despite its less than compelling plot, I still want to go back to explore and fight through every nook and cranny of Dragon Age: Inquisition, until every dragon’s skull is mounted on my wall.

Alas Far Cry 4’s review is coming soon. To say I am excited is an understatement. As for Unity I really don’t know. That and Rogue look epic but I have to wonder if they are better than Black Flag. In reality I cannot see it. What can be better than the open sea? Who can be a better main man than Edward Kenway? As for rogue it could just be a dumbed down Black Flag. Of course this is all speculation.

One interesting thing to note is this :

Ubisoft Stock Plummets After Botched ‘Assassin’s Creed: Unity’ Launch
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When the reviews roll in, the financial sector takes notice. Looking at the stock chart for Assassin’s Creed: Unity developer and publisher Ubisoft, I see a little peak at 15.00 right at 9:00 AM Pacific time on Tuesday morning. What happened then, you ask? That’s when the publisher lifted the embargo on reviews of Assassin’s Creed: Unity, and gamers got their first look at a flawed game that most agreed failed to live up to the excellent Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. The stock started to drop from there, bottoming out 12.96 before making its way back up today.

(All rights reserved Forbes online. I do not own the above content)

Yes, they did an EA / DICE and pushed it out too quick. Was it worth it now? Damaging the rep that Black Flag earned them? I doubt it.

GTA5 info :

The publisher’s “GTA Online Census” reveals that just shy of 34 million players in 224 different countries have logged into GTA Online. Between them, GTA Online players have created nearly 10 million jobs and played a staggering 5.9 billion jobs.

The stats also reveal GTA Online players own a combined total 422 million vehicles and almost 342 million weapons. It also notes that across the 11 free updates since GTA Online’s launch the team has added 1,207 new items to the game, including a dozen weapons, another dozen new apartments, 37 vehicles, and over 900 new clothing items.

Info from IGN ( all rights reserved).

Advanced Warfare info ( thanks to Reddit )

Regular Gun Stats: body shots over range to kill (headshots), RPM, notes

Assault Rifles:

BAL27: 3-5 (3-5), AVG RPM = 700?, RPM start = 600?, RPM end = 720?

AK12: 4-5 (3-4), 720RPM, very long range

ARX: 3-4? (3-4?), 800RPM w/ 0.167s burst delay

HBR: 3-4 (3-4), First 3 rounds of burst = 680RPM?, the rest = 600RPM

IMR: 3?-5? (3?-5?), 978RPM w/ 0.167s burst delay, super low recoil

MK14: 3-4 (2-4), 350RPM, 1 head shot + 1 body shot = death


KF5 (first 5 rounds): 3-4 (3-4), 750RPM KF5 (rest of mag): 4-6 (3-6), 750RPM

MP11: 4-6 (4-5), 885RPM

ASM1: 3-6 (3-6), 720RPM, statistically almost identical to BO2 MSMC/PDW

SN6: 4-6 (3-6), 720RPM, low recoil

SAC3: 4-6? (???), 590RPM per gun w/ ~1200RPM combined, super low range

AMR: 2 hit or quit, 5 round burst is hard to test lol, 1000RPM w/ 0.167 burst delay


Atlas45: 2-4 (2-3), 600RPM???, ~2m range on the 2 shot kill

RW1: 1-3 (2 at all ranges), 104 RPM, tons of sway on sights

Grach: 4?-5? (3?-4?), 1025RPM w/ 0.167 burst delay, 2 shot burst

PDW: 4-6 (3-4), 740RPM, lots of ADS recoil, nasty hip fire

Taken from Reddit I do not own this.


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