Summer schedule is over / New term at Kid Castle / Loving Black Flag / Eating and drinking in Taipei

Yes. It all begins again tomorrow. September schedule means more hours than the summer. Later finishes also. I don’t mind really. Just need to re-adjust to it all.

Still reading the Count of Monte Cristo on my Kindle and watching La Vuelta every night.

Still no footy on TV . I hope the prem is coming and they start it late rather than just not buy the rights. Indeed if they haven’t bought it I will have to look into how to get it via another package…could be costly. Because of this my attention has turned to the German league. Having watched Dortmund albeit for one game and then watching Bayern …….my money is on Bayern to retain the league already. Bayern’s strength in depth is second to none in the Bundesliga.

Talking of footy Leeds have signed Adryan on loan. Potentially one of the best midfielders in the world coming to Leeds?……seems rather surreal to me.

Fantasy footy

Sold Giroud from my fantasy team. Feel like a traitor but he is dead wood for a few months sadly. Costa hopefully will do a good job for me now…although apparently he is injured also………………….

I think I will detox this week. Hit the beer and food pretty hard both days of the weekend.  Friday we walked around Civic and drank beer. Saturday we had stir fry and I ended up watching German footy , La Vuelta and playing Black Flag while getting proper drunk. Stumbled down to the Family Mart and ate all manner of fried crap before bed tho….proper student error.





~ by richardpmurfin on August 31, 2014.

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