Yet another birthday in Taiwan / My birthday ….37

Yeh, I won’t go on about my age. But it is interesting to go back thru this blog and dig out all my birthdays. I think one or two are missing but in general I can find most.It is also interesting to see the places I have been to for the special day. Whether it be Mingshen yakitori, Gordon Biersch….local yakitori or even Yuma ( remember that place). Last night we took it easy and went to Watami. A place that me and Jody like to go to casually. It was cool enough. Erik and Rita came along. As well as Cat, Paul and Gareth ( eventually) and strangely Joanna from my Joyland days. We drank a ton of Super Dry ate some solid food and ended up drinking late at a small yakitori place on Civic . A cool place we have been to before. We tried to find another place but then realised it was too late and had to retire off home.
For my bday Jody got me the Arsenal away kit, the shorts and a rain jacket. It is now sponsored by Puma and is rather snazzy. My mam and dad plan to send me some Boss Bottled and Assassins Creed Black Flag.
Tonight marks the end of the tour and I sit and watch the chilled out last leg of it on Eurosport now. I am not convinced they are going to show La Vuelta on TV this year which is a shame as I like it more than the Tour to be honest. Today me and Jody had a bike ride in the fading heat by the river along past Guangfu bridge. We then had some stir fry take out.

FACEBOOK Blurbs below :

Friday :

Having dirt cheap real Chinese food on your doorstep isn’t too bad at all. Now to watch the tour with steamed clams, kung pao chicken and beef fried rice. Who said staying in was boring?

Last Tuesday after footy :

Proper disgraceful old man moment. Cycled all the way to the football pitch, jumped off my bike and kicked the ball only to strain my thigh……………next time I will stretch before we play…………….

Monday :

My birthday will be a low key affair this year given many of my mates will be out the country. But if you are available on Saturday the 26th then we will meet around 8pm at Watami near Renai CIrcle and move onto Civic Boulevard after. Give me a heads up if you fancy it


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