Football in Taipei / First game in years / Gongguan footy with Gareth / Man City ruining the league / City out to buy everyone again / Barkley set to rot in the reserves like Rodwell and Sinclair / Man city plan to buy to stop others / Newcastle sign Riviere / Cabella to Newcastle / Newcastle summer signings /

Yes! We rode out and kicked a ball around in the heat near Gongguan. Near Dazzler’s. First game in a long time. It was embarrassing and painful at times but we made a start. Hopefully it can be a regular thing. We can get our touch back and start to develop into semi fit people. I still run and bike but it is definitely a different sort of fitness.









Football ( pasted from my Facebook – Richard Murfin )

Signing Riviere is not a bad thing at all but I can’t help wondering if they haven’t just signed Gouffran no2. A player who is not that prolific and can play out wide. He played at Monaco a giant in La Ligue and only scored 13 times ( a league notoriously easy to score in). I can’t help thinking he bought this guy as all the other targets were taken. I think Newcastle might struggle to get a guy over 10 goals this season ….unless Cisse finds his touch again. Cabella I think is a good signing and will be good for Newcastle for 2 years until he gets too good and has to be sold.

On a formation note the fact that he has brought in a lot of midfielders could be a sign he is gonna subscribe to the one forward formation in which many mangers put credence in nowadays. Two defensive players could mean he will look to a defensive line up in the bigger games and look to Riviera and possibly someone like Gouffran out wide with one striker in the middle.

City buying for the sake of it?

City are at it again. Blatant disregard for the Euro rules as well as the fair play rules. They also plan to buy in more young English players and let them rot in the reserves. Sinclair and Rodwell anyone? How well their careers have come along since joining City. No doubt the only reason they want any English players at all is because they aren’t allowed to play in Europe with an all foreign squad anymore.


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