July is here / 38 degree days in Taipei / A week without my wife

Quick post. It has been super hot as of late. 38 degrees last week. Finally managed to get Gareth out on a bike ride . We hope to make Tuesday our bike ride days from now on. Jody was in Malaysia for a week so I ate a lot of cereal and bought the same thing in our local stir fry every time ( Kung Pao chicken and beef fried rice) as my Chinese is not up to scratch when it comes to anything different. Jody was only away for 7 days. Within that 7 days I regressed to using my cd player (above mp3) and started listening to Ocean colour scene for some reason. If she had been gone a few more days I would have had to dig out my entire oasis collection start playing on my Amiga…..weird what can happen when you’re left alone for too long.

World cup final tonight

The world cup final teams will no doubt be directly compared to the meeting in 1986. A final which I can just about remember. Messi filling in the Maradona role yet still being underdogs. I see Germany as a more attacking and flaired side than the one in 86. ( they played a 5 man defence back then) , granted they haven’t got Matthaus but have a ton of talent in midfield. Argentina’s team comparatively is a lot better and doesn’t just rely on man…at least not completely. I still think Germany can do it but the similarities of the final are ominous.


Whoever I follow or want to win loses. It is not just football . If I like a product it is defunct within months. Even sub products like flavours of a mainstream brand. I could write a list but it would be too extensive. I should use my curse for the greater good. If McDonald’s was my fave food the company would miraculously go bankrupt in months.

Tour talk

Love the tour of France …………………in erm England. Not complaining of course it is good to see grey clouds and green grass again…..almost feel homesick……….. until I see the idiots running in the way of the riders making an ass of themselves.
Team Sky must look to Richie Porte as the leader now (Froome is out ). Makes you wonder whether they regret leaving behind a certain Mr Wiggins.


~ by richardpmurfin on July 13, 2014.

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