Bullet point June

* England  / Italy / Spain are out of the WC

* Enjoying the footy despite this

* eating a lot of cereal and porridge

* Trying to lessen the beer intake

* Been playing CM Italia 93 / Skyrim ( yeh back on it) / BF4

* Switched from the Compact 45 to the P226

* Summer schedule starts on Monday

* Loving my Merida bike

* Looking forward to the Tour De France and La Vuelta

* Wimbledon is on but it is being overshadowed by the world cup

* Taiwan are not in the World cup

* Kid Castle is still good

* One of my kids fell over and split her chin open just like me apparently – Hope she is ok

* Weather is heating up

* Leeds have a new manager but he is some unknown guy

* Me and Jody are trying to lose weight . Last week we went for a bike ride to Bitan on Friday night …….still ended up eating stir fry but it is a good way to avoid going straight on the grog.

* Still loving Yakitori , we had it on Saturday then had some beer in no4 park

* Unsure of what to do on my birthday. I have done an awful lot in the last 9 years and many things I think of would be a repeat of a previous year. Paul did Civic this year so I am wondering about something else. Maybe Watami Casual Restaurant. Somewhere that sells nice food, has a good atmos and sells yakitori.

* Tempted to go to Da Dao Chen again over summer. Really loved that last year.

* Kenting is also a possibility. Last year sitting at that bar and drinking big bottles of Heinee was awesome every night. Felt like we had our own hotel bar.

* Loving Taiwan, Taipei, my job, my wife and life in general

* Gareth is making Genocide Dolphins for the ps4 and XB1

* Beers of the summer has kicked in

* That is all for now….


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~ by richardpmurfin on June 26, 2014.

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