Beer N Footy

Funny old week this. Been off the beer . Only gonna drink on Friday and Saturday’s. Did a games day on Saturday at Kid Castle. But this weekend we have two days off and the summer schedule starts. So I get Tuesday off every week yeh!


7-11 beers of the summer has is very impressive this year, including the now ubiquitous Kronenbourg, Estrella, Bitburger, Orion and even a Thwaites bitter in there. Not to be outdone F Mart have a ton of Euro and Jap beers, including a new Asahi Super Dry and a Premium Malt’s special. Gonna be a great summer of drinking:)


Poor one for England. When the world cup highlights vid comes on at the end of the tournament I have counted two highlight that will be England. Sturridge’s dance after he scored and Foster’s free kick save against Costa Rica in a dour 0-0 to end our tournament.

Argentina beat Nigeria 3-2 thanks to Messi last night and they both go through. Shaquiri thrashed in a hat trick to beat Honduras. The first goal was a beaute!

You can get Spearmint Wrigleys at A-Mart. Not the crap double mint but the white one. Granted you have to buy a tin with 7 in but still!

Might go for a bike ride with Ed later to Muzha as the weather is clement.


~ by richardpmurfin on June 26, 2014.

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