Footy chat / England out / Summer rolls on / Germany and Holland looking good

So we are out . Not good enough is the top and bottom of it. Any positives taken from the Italy match are well and truly forgotten. Just have to hope players like John Stones can come through and replace Jagielka. Cahill improves and we can sort it out before the European Championships. I think Shaw has mad a good case for full back despite not even playing…….don’t know why I built my hopes up. Very disappointed.


Photo: Was trying to be patriotic but I looked miserable.....not surprising heheMe , sad faced but trying to look positive after match……Still begs the question …How do really crap players seem to do it on the big scene but our super expensive players can’t do anything?
Ruiz literally got 5 goals two years ago and zero last season……………….. Final game time and Balotelli claimed to be super relaxed before the match. I wonder if he realises that if they  lose to Uruguay they are out on their arse………..with Uruguay and Costa Rice thru. Losing to Costa Rica tho it is still a mystery why we do so bad. I don’t care what people say about how crap England are. There is something more to it than us being crap. When nations like the USA have players who literally too old or poor to get in the Blackburn team. Their best player Clint Dempsey is enjoying his football in America after being a quite good player for an unfashionable team in England ……Even the most negative of minded fans can see we have players on the bench at England that cost 25+ million quid. Jermaine Defoe who isn’t even in the squad was considered a real boost for the USA league when he joined……..We clearly have the quality to do better but we just need a way to harness it. Those who say we believe in our own hype are dead wrong. When you watch the players at the world cup it is the EXACT opposite we certainly don’t believe in ourselves enough.It is worth mentioning I am not being completely blinkered here I appreciate we had problems defensively. Jagielka looked out of his league. Cahill was dodgy as was Hart. We also lacked width and Gerard looked very tired. But if teams with really shit players can win why can’t we with decent players?
Overall.  I think attitude and formation are a lot of it. I think RH was aware we haven’t got that much width and thought if he did use a more traditional formation we would be dominated in midfield by teams like the Italians. I won’t claim to be more tactically aware than RH but there was definitely an opportunity to at least change the formation in the second game. It is almost like because of the one striker and supporting players has seemingly been the most successful as of late everyone assumes they must play it. But if everyone plays it there must still be a winner…..I guess that winner is who can play it the best and use the tightness of it to keep possession and break forward. I don;t always subscribe to the whole ‘lets player this formation and fit the players into it’. RH had chance to use Barkley but I guess he wouldn’t work in the mini diamond. It does make me wonder which way he will go now player and formation wise. The doom and gloom about how bad the players are is baffling. here is a Liverpool fan on my FB not technically one of my friends but a mates mate. He is insistent English players are all a pile of crap. But he bangs on about Liverpool and how good they are. I feel like saying ‘you can’t have it both ways, the core of the team that almost won the league was on the pitch in Brazil….that and a couple of other talented individuals not to mention Lallana who Liverpool are desperate to sign……..’….
Sorry about the random stuff I guess I am thinking out loud after such a dreadful two games . I am now about to watch the final game….not that it means much but I want to see a win!    Spain are also out after two games… makes you wonder how different it would be if Spain had met Australia in the first game……also when teams lose the first two everyone is depressed and 3 points in the last game means nothing. Yet if that team got their 3 points in the first game it changes the outlook of the next two games…….ultimately on paper no one will every care when they got their 3 points in the first or last game when history shows the team crashed and burned int he groups…………….





~ by richardpmurfin on June 24, 2014.

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