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weird quirks of Taiwan – Taxi drivers in Taiwan

In Taiwan being a taxi driver means you have a yellow car. Last week in a rush I got into a taxi with a business card. The journey is only 15 minutes across town. The first taxi said he didn’t know and just kicked me out. The second couldn’t see the words on the card and after much straining and staring at the card under various lights and with various glasses he had to go and ask a coffee shop owner to read it for him……these are the guys we trust with our lives in busy traffic…. (edit) Yet yesterday I got the nicest driver ever…..hehe

England have hope ?

Looking at Spain and Portugal’s respective starts to the tournament I still feel they can get through the groups. So if I can view England in a none biased way surely they have a good chance also.

Game chat

Top ten games ever made ( all opinion of course) . Read a lot of nonsense from so called ‘cool’ reviewers. Seen everything from Portal to Halo in number one. Here is my top ten NOT in order :
1. Skyrim
2. COD4 / MW2
3. Battlefield4
4. Championship manager (series)
5. Final Fantasy 7
6. Super Mario Bros
7. EA Hockey
8. Sensible Soccer
9. School Daze
10. Street Fighter Championship Edition


Summer is here / Trying to be healthy

Summer weather is rolling in! Looking forward to losing some winter weight on my bike. 5-6 kg’s is good for now! Poured out my scotch into the sink. Have to stop this awful rut I am in in which I need to have a beer or scotch before bed. Summer is here. Bring on the salad and green tea. Fridays and Saturdays nights are fair game for drinking ….but Wednesdays and Tuesdays………not so much. Decided to drink more cereal drinks and eat porridge and cereal. Less beer and more water. Bike ride every Thursday with Ed and Tuesday during summer schedule.

Kid castle

Second demo of the month on Saturday but I can’t complain. The money is good and the July/August  schedule gives me Tuesday off!


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