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Germany 4-0 Portugal  Facebook chatter squashed into my blog :

Muller scores a hat trick! Germany look the real deal this year. Brazil and even Argentina flattered to deceive but these boys look damned good. Portugal have always had flair and talent but I can’t recoil an out and out goalscoring international striker …….even if they had one and 11 men I couldn’t see them coming back…….it makes me feel better about England in many ways. No matter how good we are we couldn’t beat Germany when they play like this.

Every player is technically gifted in their own way. I remember when Germany hit rock bottom a few years back then there was a baby boom of talent all in a matter of years. If we had one of their central midfielders we would arrange the whole team around them They have a ton. Similarly if we had a player like Reus and he was absent from the squad we would harp on about how we had no chance without him. They basically switched off in the second half and obviously didn’t want to exert themselves in the heat. Makes you wonder what they could do if they played in top gear the whole time. As for Portugal I do feel for them. Granted they were bad but they also had some rotten luck……I can’t see Coentrão being able to play another game….it looked bad. What are the odds on Muller getting golden boot two tournaments in a row?……pretty slim…he isn’t even a forward really.

 Overall…..Germany has a wonderfully well oiled machine of a team with high class players littered throughout it show that a great team is more useful than an average one with one Exceptionally gifted player or two. There is only so much one man can do , especially when Portugal never seem to have a player that can finish at the top level……..When looking at previous one man teams Argentina was a rarity. They had a solid team whom which nearly all of them played in Argentina. They were all able to play as normal in the sweltering heat and humidity of Mexico.

Argentina 2-1 Bosnia

I think Bosnia could still qualify from this. Argentina need to improve if they hope to win the tournament. But you can’t ask for more than a win in the first game. They are still my tip for the cup. Indeed teams that start slowly gradually run into form at the right time. I hope England can do the same.

Italy 2-1 England


Nothing to say here……

Give me a nice neutral game …something with two teams and not a single care as to whether they win lose or draw. What could be more relaxing and neutral than Switzerland vs Ecuador!

Great match…ended 2-1 to the swiss!



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