Football update


England play tomorrow and Iplan to wake up at 6 am to watch  it. Meaning a very early night on a Saturday! We went to Fridays yesterday and ate a nice platter. Drank some beer and I bought Tiger beer at the Family Mart. Great memories attached to that beer I tell you. Today we cycled around Taipei.


   Back into Skyrim one year since I left the campaign. Defeated solitude and helped Ulfric to regain his kingdom. There is constantl talk of ‘The best game ever made’. Games are bandied around casually. But nothing comes close to Skyrim. Bugs aside it IS the best game ever made. After two minutes back in Skyrim I am hooked.



So I get a perverse pleasure from seeing a red mouthed, drunken yokel getting a ticket by the police…..simply because of the sheer confusion in their eyes. You can see as they try to laugh it off in true style with the police that they want to say ‘ I don’t get it! Everyone speeds around on the pavement not indicating cigarette in mouth intoxicated on Taiwan beer and beetle nut.’ The fact that they can’t see what they have done wrong though is a slight on the police more than the actual people breaking the laws….

More footy chat from FB :

My predictive have shown themselves early in the WC. Croatia to upset Brazil…… chance.Brazil dominated after conceding. They look dangerous but Croatia looked toothless without Mandzukic.Ratikic and Modric lacked the quality around them to control the midfield. Second half Brazil looked ordinary. In all they weren’t that impressive and the penalty they got was just obsurd. I hate the fact the ref might have given the pen because of the home pressure. ‘Brazil…first game?….better give the penalty…’  I fancy Argentina are the team to watch. Brazil looked good for 20 mins in the first half. But other than that …Oscar aside they looked beatable.

Chelsea’s midfield next year : Ramirez Oscar, Matic and Fabregas on the middle. With Hazard floating out wide to support Costa…………………Who needs two strikers with a midfield like that?

Cameroon vs Mexico. Looking forward to it with a six pack of Tiger. Was a good match. 1-0. Jody predicted it.  Gareth Murfin

In the old days Holland used to enter a tournament with a really good team and everyone fell to bits. World class players turned out awful performances. Now they enter tournaments with mediocre teams but one or two players just explode into unebelievable players. Like today 1 striker v 4 defenders and players like Robben just gun it thru the defence. If an england player was against 4 he’d run it into the corner and lose it. It is incredible how players like RVP who had poor seasons just bloom into world class players again. Sneider did it last WC. Robben is world class I have no doubt but watching him on the world scene you would assume he is a better player than Messi. On a side note it is good to see Stewie Griffin get some work in the off season of Family guy. 5-1 Holland. Amazing.

So far most of the matches have been played in cool and rainy conditions. Akin to a nice day in England. The brazil manager was even wearing a coat. All the locals get nice weather to run in. Watch us get the most humid , horribly sapping blazing heat against Italy. I know what summer can be like in a stupidly hot country even getting from A to B is hard never mind running around for 90 mins. “We got to Miami last week so we are used to it…” Good one. I have been here in tropical country for 9 years and I am not used to it. Fingers crossed for nice weather.





~ by richardpmurfin on June 14, 2014.

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  1. 6am!!!!! Garlic bread !!!!! I would not like that one bit, I have lived in Asia myself and remember staying up til 5am to watch West Ham get slaughtered, if the game starts at 6am are you gonna wake up at 5am have beers for breakfast ? back to tonight’s game and my heart says we will go flying at the Italians and scare the hell out of their slow defenders 3 – 1 to England, my head says it will be a very slow and painfully boring game, 0 – 0 with both teams to nervous to go forward and both content with the draw, I hope my heart’s predictions are right!

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