Enjoying life at Kid Castle Taipei Taiwan!

So this year I work for Kid Castle. It is very different to Sunshine …..extremely different from HESS. But does share some similarities to Shane I’d say :

The schools

The schools are well equipped. They have a ton of extra stuff you can use and you don’t have to beg for a sticky ball like you do at some of the bigger schools. I can get new pens at the click of a finger.

The kids

Kids are kids. Some are good , some are bad. Mostly tho they are nice kids and are friendly. KC isn’t as English orientated as some schools tho and you find they talk and think in Chinese all the time. When I tell them to stop speaking Chinese they find it the weirdest notion they have ever heard.


The money is good . I wont lie. It is better than all the other main stream schools.


I am currently on 18.5 but they vary depending on the season or whether there are more classes. As I am across two schools I think it may go up and down.


The atmos is good. Not as good as one of the super small schools. But the co workers are nice and respectful. The schools are decked out for the relevant season and overall it is cozy.


I didn’t re-sign with Sunshine last year because it had too many flaws. Namely the emphasis on keeping the Big Boss happy. The pressure at test time was awful. Here the tests are important but not the be all and end all. If you asked me now If I would sign a new contract ..I’d say yes. That has to be good!









~ by richardpmurfin on December 21, 2013.

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